zippe dee doo dah!

i'm crippled today. ouch.
but disneyland was quite the adventure :)

i shot almost 300 pictures yesterday!! actually, i probably shot more but I had to delete some of the really horrible ones to make room. crazy. geez.

okay, here are some of them -

(oh yes. we are very tourist-y. the asian tourist, that is.)

(i bought this cute headband at forever 21 on thursday. i wore it to disneyland. it flew off and is lost somewhere on space mountain. therefore, i only got to wear it for, like, 3 hours! grr)

(more tourist posing)

(our buddy tri is very he decided to recycle himself. LOL)

(we went on this buzz lightyear thing, like, 3 times. ashley was on a mission. they e-mailed us pictures for this too...but i'm one of those crazy types that takes her camera on rides. in one of the pics they took, i was looking down...i was trying to figure out why...then i realized that i was probably looking for my camera!

(that beard thing is actually the headpiece for sparrow's hair. he just put it on like that instead...reminds me of davey jones instead, sheesh)

(we were saying that this jam to get off autopia reminds us of traffic on the 405)

(what he's trying to lift is a cartoon-y dumbbell, by the way..)

these are from the fireworks show which was AWESOME. they set it to music and they theme it around the rides in the park. anyways, i shot these with one hand, eating an ice cream sundae in another. i've got skillz man.

this last one is from the fantasmic show. i only got about 4 decent shots, and most were of this river boat. yep.


Michelle W. said…
lol!!! Love the pics!!!
Wendy Reed said…
Awesome pics dude! Totally jealous that we didn't know about the Buzz ride... wahhh, now I have to go back! And the gummy bear on the license cracks me up!
Kat said…
fun fun! i love disneyland! looks like you and your friends had lots of fun! : )
angieoh! said…
whoa! Looks like a great time! I might be the only adult in America who has never been to Disneyland!!!
linda (lburanas) said…
i hate you! i wanna go to disneyland now!
i want to see all the new pirate stuuf. and you totally forgot to take the ultimate fobber pics, posing next to random characters or statues making weird facial/hand gestures like covering your mouth in an "oops" fashion, looking sideways at said statue. not that i've EVER taken fobby tourist pics like that =P

sorry about your headband though, i hate when that happens. i once bought cool sunglasses from urban outfitters, and like 2 weeks later i grabbed my purse really hard and heard a crunch sound inside... =(
Alison said…
Headband loss.
But love the autopia.
Def. do NOT have that in Orlando.
Must come to California
In other news your pic are fantastic.
RACHEL =) said…
Oh wow Caroline, looks like you guys had SUCH a blast!!! So bummed we weren't able to go in the Spring, fooey! Now I REALLY really REALLY wanna go!!!! =)
EK said…
How fun!! It looks like you guys had a blast! Go you for taking so many fabulous pics!
Chris-el-da said…
i want your life
just for a day
Claire said…
What great pictures! I love the posing. Looks like an awesome day!

jill said…
how fun! I haven't been to Disneyland in forever! I love all the pics!
Christy said…
Hooray for Disneyland! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I can't wait until the end of the month when block-out dates are over on our passes and we can go again - YAY!
Felicia said…
You and your friends always look like you are having the most fun.
michelleguray said…
cool pics! looks like you guys had a blast!
nadine said…
how jealous am i that you even just get to go to disneyland at all!!!!!
staceyfike said…
your pics are way to much fun
i would love to have those to scrap
have fun!!!
Anonymous said…
Best regards from NY!
» »
Anonymous said…
Excellent, love it! » »

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