they say i scrap too much.

i banged out a couple more today.
hooray for lazy summer days.

so the first things i printed after i got ink yesterday were these papers. LOVE them. and LOVED using them on a paper LO. must do more hybrids. maybe play with brushes a little before printing though, lol.

dare #38. i had this idea in my head since i saw it. i was just waiting for the ink so i could do it.

this is for the dare about the regrets. i forgot what number because it's been a few weeks. played with some imagination project goodies.

another one with imagination project papers...this picture is quite freaky. but i don't know, it's kind of cool i guess. lol. gotta love night mode with the sloooow shutter.

some leftovers from the weekend...these were for contest entries. :)

for dream vacation. the pics are from a travel guide. since i've obviously never been to europe!

for scrap idol. i had to use holiday colors on a non-holiday LO. hey, if any of you already happen to be scrapsahoy members, can you put in a vote for me? pretty please? :)

in other news -

my friend amy is back from japan. i was thinking of her today, wondering when she was getting back - thinking that it was soon. she just called a few minutes ago to say hi! going out to lunch tomorrow - can't wait to hear all about her trip (and live vicariously through her. LOL).

aaaaannndd.....spidey is coming down this weekend. WHOO HOO!! :)

oh, and huge congrats to CD and tiffany for being CK scrapbooker of the year finalists! i am so honored to be on the DD creative team with SUCH talented people. seriously. every day i have to pinch myself. lol.


Michelle W. said…
you scrap too much... yes you do yes you do...

yay for your bud coming back
yay for spidey!
jill said…
You can never scrap too much. I love them all. Yay for updating the blog in the middle of the night and subtly? letting me know.
Alison said…
Oh man.
You get better and better
Love these!
Rachel said…
You are very talented... I love them all!
Nat said…
wow - love those LOs!!!! Awesome! --- if you ever come to Europe - which I'm sure you will, come to Germany and visit me ;-))))
melissa said…
WOW can we say someones scrappin mojo was on full ;) love the Europe LO and of course all the others are super awesome too
Renee said…
Love your layouts, especially the hybrid ones.
Funky Finds said…
fabulous usual! :)
aleciagrimm said…
There is no such thing as scrapping too much. :-) Love those layouts!
kristi sauer said…
Gorgeous layouts, as usual!
Rachelle said…
love all these pages!
so cool.
nadine said…
i think her i wish i could tell her layout is the best thing you've done. i also said your dare 38 was the best thing you've done earlier too. ;)
Kat said…
who says you scrap too much? no such thing! i WISH i scrapped as much as you!!!
fantabulous pages!!!
kellie h. said…
I love your LO with all your LOs...sounds funny!

Awesome work girl! :)
Anonymous said…
stop scrapping so fast
you are making me look bad
love you skillies
they make my day better
maggie Holmes said…
love all of these and yes, i do wonder where you find the time girl!!!!!
kellie h. said…
Looks like you had fun! Love your LOs :)
Anonymous said…
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