these pictures are all from thursday (a fun day, i might add!), but lazy me (who has been watching too much gilmore girls) just finished editing them today. so here goes.

i finally met my BDF (linda - lburanas) in the morning! she was in my hood on the way to go visit her mom. so we met up at *gasp* starbucks (everytime i meet a pea, we end up at starbucks. geez). linda is a total cool chick. and we didn't talk about the dodgers! LOL. we talked about a lot of scrappy stuff though :P whee.

also met her cute little boy, ethan. did i tell you he was really cute?

so we only had about an hour or so to meet up, but next time we are DEFINITELY going to hook up for longer!

came home....ate lunch...took off again. went to the south coast plaza to kill some (okay, a lot) of time (to avoid major traffic) before the angels game -

snuck in some pictures at burberry...i soooo want this burberry coat. so i made amy pose in front of it. thought the burberrygirl would get a kick out of this too. i also want a pair of sunglasses from coach. which were, like, perfect.

we ate at ruby's...ate wayyy too much...

then headed off to the game...we got stuck in major traffic anyway and showed up about a half hour late.

random pics -

(handpuppet entertain those behind us while stuck in traffic waiting to get into the parking lot)

(view of the parking lot...towards the end of the game, you can see disneyland fireworks from here)

....okay, girlmore girls is calling my name again...


Alison said…
Love the Caro pics.
Love them.
PROLIX said…
if you want, it gives a starbucks in Paris, and I'm far from it by train 1h20 or so!
so...what do you wait???
RitasCottage said…
Hi Caroline. Love your fun blog! Great pics & I want that burberry coat too :-)
Vee said…
awesome photos
you look like you are having so much fun
you and your crew are so cute! :)
Jocelyn said…
such cute pictures, girl!
nadine said…
you get to meet all the cool people.
i need to move somewhere where people actually visit.
Michelle W. said…
yay for burberry showing up!!!
Adrienne said…
awwwww. I totally miss those dodgers games!!!!! Wish I coulda been there rooting along with ya! :O) hugs
linda said…
hahaha we look so fobby in that first pic!
and i loooove how you were late for the game cuz of traffic anyway. =P didn't i tell you that scp isn't really all that close to edison field? lmao.

so next time- golden deli! or hat.
jill said…
ohh love the pics caroline. Lucky you getting to meet Linda. Ethan is too cute.
Christy said…
Great photos girlie! Looks like so much fun!

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