finally crawling out from a sea of scrappy stuff to post. slowly, stuff on my "to do" list is getting crossed off one by one.

i sent off my KI album yesterday at around 2:30...i was totally expecting to rush to the post office around 4:55. haha. i procrastinated like crazy on it, and stayed up sunday and monday nights (or monday and tuesday mornings?) until 3 a.m. but i really really really ended up loving my album. it ended up gaining much more significance than just another contest entry. i love my theme and my album so much that i'm going to add to it later on (there was some stuff i could've put in there that wouldn't be very appropriate for the contest).

so anyways.
some stuff i CAN post here =

i feel like i haven't done a digi in AGES (i really haven't) so i did this for the 2Ps2sday challenge yesterday. it was to scrap using a grid - which i'm really not used to. not sure if i like this yet, but HEY i was trying to get back into a digi groove!

for the last scrapper standing contest. i had the hardest time coming up with a creative idea to use 13 photos i mean, i can figure out a wasy to fit 13 photos on a page, but to do it creatively? yeah. so. michelle was talking about word bubbles and the idea to put index prints (or fake ones, since i had to make them in photoshop) in the journaling came to me. so i ran with that. i pulled another 3 a.m. night yesteday to finish this, so i better go to bed early tonight!

following are HMITM challenges -

this week's challenge - which i came up with. use 50 word accents. so i TOTALLY underestimated 50. because i ran out of room pretty quick. then i had the scramble to find ways to fit the rest. lol.

last week's challenge. also lifted celeste> for her birthday...thought the design of her layout could work for this, so i went ahead and killed two birds with one stone :) yay.

so tomorrow -
- meet up with my BDF (best dodger friend) for coffee! whoo hoo!! yay!!
- south coast plaza with buddies. since we're leaving for the angels game waaaay early to avoid traffic.
- angels game.
- something after?

whoo :)


Nat said…
Gorgeous LOs!!!
melissa said…
love love love your fun LO's!! good luck with the contest(not that you really need it..) ;)
nadine said…
look at you ms. scrapping machine.
Chris-el-da said…
i don't know how you juggle it all
numerous trips to starbucks...
Liliana Ferrer said…
Very Nice .... Lovin' It!
Hillary said…
Great layouts!
kristi sauer said…
I am loving your latest scrappies! Good luck with the KI contest!
Christy said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous lo's girlie! Good luck with the KI contest... I'm rooting for you and I CAN'T WAIT to see your album! Happy weekend friend!
Michelle W. said…
cool that you get to meet your BDF!

and you are scrappy goodness... seriously.
Anonymous said…
oh, i can't wait to see your KI album!
good luck girl!
RitasCottage said…
Can't wait to see your rockin' KI album Miss C!....Love these pages (that digi one is so fab!) How you doin' on your circle page for LSS?

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