last summer days

can you believe i start school in 4 days? i can't.
what is sad is that most of my friends don't start until mid-september.

so 4 days before school...
and i still haven't straightened out my schedule.
must. get. on. that.

i think i'm going to take classes at 2 campuses.
we'll see how that works out.

some scrapping -

my Last Scrapper Standing page for the week. can we say...everyone's been ROCKING it and that i feel like i'm sooo not going to move on because everyone else's pages are just like....WOW?

my last scraplyric page. sad to be leaving, but i had to.

a digi. whoo.

so i bought this cute shirt yesterday -

(excuse the bad pic)
from forever 21. i happened to find it on a whim.
the new forever 21 here is 2 floors, so chances are you're not going to see everything. too overwhelming.
but i found this. and my buddy cristin said "it's SO you."
so i got it.
lots of other stuff i wanted, but i have a coupon that i didn't bring, so i'll save the rest of my purchases til when i bring the coupon.

so whilst shopping...i came across this other shirt.
the colors totally reminded me of scrapworks paper.
i pointed that out to my friend.
she laughed at me.
we then had some sushi for lunch, then went to pacsun.
came across this pair of flip flops.
this time the pattern totally screamed scrapworks.
pointed that out too.
and now they think i'm totally weird.

*sigh* the life of a scrapbooker.

took advantage of my 21 privileges for the first time the other night and went to a pub.

which is kind of funny for someone who doesn't really like beer.
anyway. i'm useless with alcohol. period.

but the girls night out thing. yeah, that was totally fun.


Michelle W. said…
<3 it! cute shirt, love the layouts, and that's a large glass of beer!
Michelle said…
Love the shirt you bought and the one you wore! And your LOs rock!!
Alison said…
Love the scrappage.
That beer is HUGE
Vee said…
I love the los
the shirt is so cute!
EK said…
Love that shirt!
Love those pages!
You're fabulous! :)
Breanne said…
for the first time?!?!?!?!

dang girl. im such an alchy. at least twice a week. oy.
Rita said…
Love your LSS page girl! My vote is that you will move on. and the fact you thought a shirt fabric looked like SW pp, thats funny! ha! I do the same thing all the time..
Toni said…
Cute stuff as ALWAYS and I LOVE that shirt!

Sarah said…
Love the scraps.
Love the shirt.
and that you noticed Scrapworks everywhere.
Got Beer?
RACHEL =) said…
LOVE all the layouts, and that is such a cuuuute shirt!!!
LOL at the beer - I'm not a beer drinker either - but glad you had fun! =)
linda b said…
WTF- that drink is as big as your head!
and your shirt is so AC LOLOL.
now i need a pic of the scrapworks!
Anonymous said…
you are completely adorable caroline!
love it!
Christy said…
LOVE that shirt girlie... so cute and SO you! Lubbin' your lo's too! You are SO GOOD! And a HUGE congrats on making the AC dt! I'm so happy for you! How exciting! :)
Anonymous said…
that beer is bigger than you
love the scrappage
always always
maggie Holmes said…
i just tried that shirt on a couple of days ago! i almost got it but then i didn't cause i was there looking for dresses and i found two so i had to refrain and not buy any shirts! lol! it's so cute!
Jessica F said…
You are too cute. Love Forever 21 but you are crazy- I would never walk away and hope something was there later! I swear their stock changes overnight, every night! ;)

Good luck with going back to school- that has got to be excited! I was sad to not buy supplies this month! xo
Adrienne said…
lllllllllllol yap I used to be the same way with I actually enjoy cracking a fresh one! ahha. I sound like a dude! I LOVEEEEEE the pages you have there!!!! and HECK ya about the AC thing!!! I posted on my blog about ya a few days ago on that! :) hugs
Trina said…
Love your pages!! You have great style!

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