i have printer ink now. FINALLY. but...i needed it, like, yesterday. poo.

loving the cooled-down weather. i go to bed wearing PJ pants instead of shorts.
i went out in pants today and i loved it.
may this weather last til friday - because i'm going to disneyland!!
whoo hoo :)

went to an angels game tonight.
came home with a tacky hat plastered with a vladimir guerrero picture.

i got this in the mail yesterday -
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lots of imagination project goodies.
won them on CHA in spirit day....and omg. i am in heaven
so much great stuff. yummm.
thank you gluestick and IP!!

so i tried to play with them yesterday. i wanted to use a LOT of it on here, but I guess great things come in smaller quantities? LOL

my scrap area is one huge disaster. it was bad before, this is like REALLY bad. i have lots of new stuff...and i need to, uh, put them away? LOL. you know, before i start shopping for new CHA goodies.

oh, and played with some more anna aspenes schtuff...

most of the goodies on here are from her esther elements.

oh, and the art deco stuff i used in the post below is up in the store >> right here.



Michelle W. said…
Alison said…
You rule.
YOu also inspire me to spend way too much money at DD.
But I love ya for it.
Nat said…
Awesome LOs!!!
Wendy Malichio said…
oh wow - look at those goodies, yum! GREAT pages!!!
amy said…
girl - i think i saw a little something of yours in ST, too! ;) congrats.
Chris-el-da said…
you and michelle scrap more than anyone i know
where ... wait, HOW do you find the time?!
nadine said…
love love love.
Christy said…
Yummy rack, you lucky girl...
and those lo's are awesome!
maggie Holmes said…
love these caroline!! you are rockin!!
EK said…
Everytime I look at your blog I feel like a slacker sber because you scrap SO much!
kellie h. said…
Awesome LOs girlie! Just pumping out those LOs...shall I call you Michelle 2? LOL!
melissa said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
melissa said…
ohhh love all your new goodies and LO's!!

I am so jealous that you have cooler weather AND that you are going to Disney this week. ;P
RACHEL =) said…
Awesome layouts, girl!! And how cool that you're going to Disney!!!!
The weather here is still disgustingly hot, cannot WAIT for it to start cooling down!
Anonymous said…
love seeing your scrappies
you are too good
i mean it
Debbie Hodge said…
wow!!! so much and so very fine. the last one is my fave. love that kit and what you did with it.
Anonymous said…
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