berry. hyper. spider.

met up with michelle and angela today.

first, we went to starbucks (where else?)-

(i took way more pics than this there...mostly of ang...but a lot of them were icky)

second, we went to some asian stationery places. well. a stationery place within this big superstore place.

we all bought these really cute korean stickers. only $1.25 each! i used some of them on my scraplyric layout for this week, so you'll see it when it goes up tomorrow!

spidey should get this backpack -

and burberry should buy this visor!

third, we went to old town pasadena to take some bag pictures, a la PCP. sooooo funny.

who is the REAL PCP?!

it must be

LOL. just kidding. i have no idea who PCP is.

fourth, we went to forever 21 so i could buy the headband that flew off onto space mountain at disneyland. i had heard that they opened a new forever 21 in old town where saks fifth avenue was...and that it was two floors. so we went to check it out. mich and ang bought headbands too. i bought two. and a necklace. and a pair of earrings. i needed to drag myself out of the place before i ended up buying the whole store...LOL.

fifth, we went to starbucks again.

sixth, we went to angela's mom's house and took pictures of her kids. i'm too lazy to edit and upload them. lol. and we took more random pics, showing off our new headbands. michelle has all those pictures, so check out her blog later to see some of them.

so. totally fun day! good times!!! must do this when angie comes to town again!!


Michelle W. said…
funness.... we are so hot with those bags!!!
Alison said…
you guys are the funnest
i just made up that word
just for you
Nat said…
hahahahaha - I was so laughing then I saw your photoshots as PCP- that is freakin' hilarious!
Adrienne said…
you all look so dang cute! by the way...I LUUUUUV your outfit caro! Such a cute idea with the pcp posing!hehe.
Corinnexxx said…
glad you had such a great time!!

PROLIX said…
very fun pics!!!

really unique!!!
Breanne said…
jealousy is seeping from my pores.
nadine said…
now that looks like a fun time.
i'm rather jealous.
i think the PCP must be you.
Kat said…
fun fun!!! love the bag pics, too funny!
Christy said…
You guys are so funny and had me lol! Love those photos with the paperbags over your heads! Sounds like fun girl-bonding time to me! :)
SpiderGirl said…
I had so much fun hanging out with you scrap divas yesterday! We should have taken photos of the people walking BY when we were doing the bag head photos though! LOL. Gotta get my camera unloaded tonight- my fave is the photo of BurberryGirl taking a photo of you. And for the record, you are ever better looking than your Peas avatar (not vice-versa!) ;)
Sarah said…
how much fun was that!!!!
island girl said…
omg! good times!! you guys are funny with the bags...and two trips to starbucks in one day....ahhhhh...heaven!
Mandy Ford said…
Sounds like so much fun!!! I wanna come play with you guys! :)
Anonymous said…
too funny the photos of you guys with the bags over your heads.
Miss Carrie said…
sounds like fun! I lost my favorite rhinestone clip on Space Mountain...and I just KNOW that some ride operator is rocking that thing all over Disneyland. Probably wearing your headband too!
Vee said…
i love the bag aka pubgirlz pics!
Anonymous said…
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