babies are cute.

my cousin's adorable baby (9 mo.s) totally makes me want one.
well. not now, but you know.
i just want to pinch these cheeks -

from my kenjinkai picnic on sunday.

so i ended up uploading 136 of my better disneyland pictures on flickr.
they are here

i went scrap shopping today. the only new CHA stuff i found was the new my mind's eye goodies....picked some up. and MAMBI papers. picked up some other random stuff...and the elie book. i'm usually too cheap to buy idea books (especially at full price) but i looked at michelle's copy and really liked it, so i bought my own.

i'm meeting up with michelle's and spidey tomorrow. should be some crazy fun. whoo.

so, if you're up for some digi fun on saturday...Designer Digitals is having an all-day crop/chat event. they're also releasing all their new products for the week that day instead of sunday - and let me tell you, some of it is to die for!! i'm also hosting a chat for an hour (i think it was the scraplift chat) at 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST), so come join me!! should be a fun day!


melissa said…
awww that babie is too cute!! great pictures :)

I know what you mean about not buying idea books..but I caved and bought the new Elsie and Ali Edwards idea books lately..and they both rock. ;)
laura O'Donnell said…
she's adorable - love the yawn
Alison said…
Oh there are cute
And so is the carbear.
May said…
I'm totally gonna have to check out DD on Saturday!!! =) Also have fun with Spidey. She's such a blast!
EK said…
That lil baby is SO cute! Makes me a little baby hungry! ;)
nadine said…
babies are sweet.
i love me some baby. ;)
Corinnexxx said…
toooooooo cute!

Christy said…
Awww, she is just precious! Oh how I miss that baby stage so much!
Kat said…
so cute! i love babies :)
Chris-el-da said…
too much of it too!
michelleguray said…
awww...babies are the cutest!! I haven't bought the Elsie book but I want it!
Anonymous said…
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Donna Walk said…
Such a cute baby!! I wanna be a momma now! :)

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