when i grow up, i wanna scrap like....

michelle. and not only because she is BFF (although she would dump me if i didn't include her. HA!) it's because i can stare at her pages for hours, and still not get bored. it's how she dumps so many embellies on to a page, but still manages to make it look like vomit, but turns it into a masterpiece. and have you seen the speed at which she scraps?! i mean, i thought i was fast!

amberskolnick. she was one of the first peas i e-mailed to tell them i loved their schtuff. her fun is so whimsy and funky-cool. her layouts just make me smile. i love getting lost in her gallery - and i always do. her scrappies just make me happy (well. she just makes me happy in general heehee).

kelly. she pulls everything together soooo well. she rocks the multi-photo too. love her composition. love how everything comes together. love how everything is clean, but not really really simple. (i don't know how to explain this. i give up).

desiree. can we just say wow? love her clean, clean style. there's a uniqueness to the way she scraps. and her typography is amazing.

rita. such a beautiful elegance to her work. love how she can be classified as "simple" but how her work just becomes pure eye candy. she can just rock it!!

sarah. our styles can't be anymore different...but she is sooo GOOD! i love how she rocks the circles! and the stitching too (not so much lately).

danielle. her stuff is so bold. and artsy. and the colors on her layouts just pop off the page!

sara. she's just FABULOUS. everything she does just clicks. everything works. and i love it.

erin. so bold, so funky, so cool. never fails to blow me away with her stuff! and she can rock those 2-pagers too (she doesn't do TOO many of them, but when she does - WOW!).

elsie. do i have to explain myself? next.

ali. seriously. must i explain? moving along...

jennifer johner. such a "home-y" feeling about her layouts, sort of like a quilt. love how she rocks the stitching and the paper!

mary grace. i love how she rocks the alphas - rub-ons, letter stickers, stamps, whatever. it always looks so COOL. and the stuff she scraps about. yeah, way cool!

jaime. her stuff is so clean, but there is good stuff in the unwhite space. just love her stuff.

rhonna. digi queen. period.

tia. hybrid queen. period.

meghan. so artsy cool. i tried to lift her once. it was so HARD. she just rocks her style. i can stare at her pages for hours.

jessie. she is so CLEVER. recently, i saw a page of hers on KMA where she used an old hoop earring. she's used patches from t-shirts, those flags from lucky....seriously. she is just way too cool for words.

kristina. whenever i'm mojoless, i always end up in her gallery. so much greatness. her stuff is a mix of artsiness, yet it's not so overwhelming. it has the perfect mix of everything.

ashley wren. so bold, so funky, so colorful, so cool. she rocks the polkies, the masking tape (she's the one that inspired me to use it), the flamingos. the rainbows.

nichole. love her geometric style! she sure rocks those shapes!! and the cardstock-only layouts. for sure!

ashley calder. her stuff is such a feast for the eyes. so much texture, so much detail. i can just stare for hours on end!!

cheryl. i just LOVE the way she mixes the papers. so awesome!

erica. i remember exactly the first time i ever saw her work. it was in an issue of woman's day's scrapbook magazine, which no longer exists. she had a whole spread with her baby LOs. they were SO beautiful - with so little. i think they were all cardstock only and computer fonts. wow. those were breathtaking. of course, her recent stuff is different but it all still just ROCKS.

wendy. so clever that girl is. and she always outdoes herself with every LO.

hanni. doodle queen!

amber nichole. just.....WOW. i don't know what else to say. just way too amazing.

katie. she's an awesome scrapbooker...but her products REALLY inspire me. best digi products ever! so fab that fontwerks and autumn leaves are releasing some of her brushes as stamps at CHA!!

tali. just an amazing digi scrapper. total eye candy. if i could pull off her stuff with paper...i'd totally be ecstatic! but to do it digitally?! amazing!

amy. she just rocks whatever she does. one of my favorite digi scrappers. she is amazing.

this list ended up being sooo much longer than i anticipated. oh well.
so many inspiring scrappers out there. it's crazy.
i take so much inspiration from so many people each and every day.
everyone has inspired me in some way or other.
thank you for that inspiration.

who inspires you? tell me!

couple of quick notes...
CHA in spirit day is tomorrow. in fact, it officially kicks off in less than 43 hours!! come play with us!! lots of cool prizes! and i'm hosting an hour starting at 10 pm PST. i haven't picked what i'm going to do yet, but come out and play, okay?

new HMITM challenge should be up soon. also, check out our little iron chef thing that michelle and i have going on ....and play!!

product from 25 manufacturers on this page. can you believe it?!


Jane said…
Wow, that's a stack of inspiration!!!! Thanks!
melissa said…
that is some list chicka! ;) I agree-your choices are rockin scrapbookers
Christy said…
That is one rockin' list of inspiration... and I couldn't agree more! :)
Kim M. said…
Great list, and I totally agree with every single one of them!!!! GREAT inspiration to re-visit as needed! :)

Bethie said…
love this!
Michelle W. said…
whoa... I'm listed first!?

BFF <3<3<3 you forever!!!
Michelle W. said…
and hmitm rules! woohoo!

melissa said…
caroline-we got to page 23 on the 'late nighter' RAK last night and then 2peas crashed on us for a sec. lol. see what you made us do? ;)
Breanne said…
ehhem. im not listed.

we're fighting ;)
Chris-el-da said…
i read this twice and i'm almost positive i didn't see my name...

i love all those scrapping girls!

esp sarah's stitching skillz!!!
Cheryl said…
um, dude? that page freaking rocks! i think i want to scrap like YOU! ;)
Jessica F said…
WOW. I am so flattered. You said such nice things about me plus that is an amazing list of women to be included with. You are too sweet Caroline! You know you are at the top of my list too! xo
amy said…
yeah, i'm REALLLLLLLY slow... just saw this list - girl, please - you inspire me with all you do! :)

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