today (technically yesterday) was good.

went to redondo beach :)
although it was still humid, the ocean breeze and lower temperatures were just perfect.

ate some yummy seafood :)

played some DDR in the arcade (i swear, this was the most exercise i've had in awhile. and it's been a while since i played so i was off).

hung out at the pier :)

yep, good day indeed.

other things -

i started this 50 page monster thread. whoa.

fun stuff.


Jane said…
still laughing at your thread going on.......will it ever end!!!! ;)
nadine said…
i love the ataris too. when i was in high school NO ONE had even heard of them!
Chris-el-da said…
this is so different for you!
and yet still so brilliant!
loves it!
Sherri said…
Nice LO! I don't know WHAT that is in the way of seafood you are eatting. Ah that dance thing would KILL me. Yep, heart attack momma .... just pass out! LOL
Sounds like you had lots of fun though.
Michelle W. said…

and crab looks good
melissa said…
yum seafood ;) sounds like a fun day!

and hehe at the 50 page thread..I contributed to 35 of those pages, and then it just kept going and going. at one point we thought we broke 2peas because we all kept getting error messages. and i said, "It wasn't me, I promise, it was her! *points to Caroline" ;) lol
Jessica F said…
Dude, Redondo- you were in my hood!!! I live in Redondo but hang out more at Hermosa beach. Where did you eat?!?!?

Ataris- that is SUCH a high school band for me. So many memories there!
Christy said…
WHOA! It's up to FIVE pages now??!! Holy moly girl! Wonder how long it will continue to go for? :)
Jocelyn said…
love the layout
and cute pictures
you know a ton of asian guys dude
i know like 4. and some of them are half-asian, so that doesn't even count.
jill said…
I wish there was an ocean breeze here in Utah. Love the scrappies too.
Jamie said…
Dude, DDR kicks my ASS. I'm so not coordinated enough to do that, so major props to you girl. Whew.
The Seeker said…
That first photo should be titled seafood murder in progress. lol
kellie h. said…
Hi Caroline! Here I I promised. You have a great blog!

That digi LO is really neat! Love the yellow flowers.

I saw your million page thread on 2 peas...I tried to read it all when I got back, but only got through the first 5 pages, then jumped to the end, LOL!

I told Michelle we adopted her :)
EK said…
Loving that LO! So fabulous!
Anonymous said…
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