that is all.

it's mofoing hot. grooooooossss.

wanna know what else is gross? cockroaches! we have one in the house that we just cannot get rid of! we try to kill it and it just RUNS AWAY. later on, we find it in another part of the house. try to kill it again, but it survives the attack and RUNS AWAY AGAIN! sheesh! i was gchatting with michelle and spidergirl angela, and my mom was staring at mr. roach....who was on OUR CEILING. i mean, EWWWWWWWW (ange seemed to think it was pretty funny though grr). this is not some tiny roach either. it's HUGE. GROSS GROSS GROSS. go away, mr. roach!

so anyway. now that i've grossed you out.

to escape the heat today, me and 2 of my buddies went to go see the devil wears prada today. it was funny. miranda is evil and i love it. the movie differed from the book a little bit, but it was still good! the one thing i was disappointed in, the book, andy basically gets herself fired by telling miranda to f-herself. i was dying to see this in movie form. let's just say that it wasn't so interesting in the movie.

one thing i LOVED about the movie was the magazine publishing setting. just because i'm interested in that industry. i don't know how accurate the portrayal was in the movie, but hey. it was entertaining.

haven't been in much of a scrapping mood this weekend. can't figure out if it's the heat or because my space is just ridiculously messy ... there's a huge pile of non-scrapping items on there and i have to move them everytime i scrap...and I've been too lazy too. not a good thing since i have challenge LOs, birthday stuff, DT stuff to do. besides. mojo doesn't do well in heat, i've concluded. right?

CHA sneaks peeks are making me worry for my wallet. lol. so much fabulous stuff out there, including -
- 7 gypsies (these label sticker books are too cool. they're available in several styles too, and i want almost all of them! loving the new papers too.
- Basic Grey. saw lilykate posted on 2Peas and i immediately proceeded to fall in love with it...especially the rub-ons. and gypsy (which was in the BG newsletter) is totally not what i expected when i heard the name, but it is still indeed fabulous!
- American Crafts. I love it all. all the yummy paper, the new fabulous flowers, the slpha stickers, the rub-ons...the only complaint i have is that it sure is going to make me go BROKE.
- Sassafrass Lass. just yummy. the paper is cuter now that i've seen the peek twice, and i'm loving the stamps with the journaling spaces.
- cosmo cricket. new, fabulous line!!
- Scenic Route. how muh more fabulous can they get?! i am sooooo hoping i get on their design team!! reminds me a wee bit of the older stuff, and mix it up with the newer look and you've got PERFECTION!!
- paper salon - i love this line. so awesome. and their new stuff looks great, too!
- my minds eye - eeeeeek. SO MUCH good stuff! just TOO MUCH. again, i'm in trouble! (but michelle is going to share....right?!?)
- all this other stuff i've seen on here. karen russell stuff from creative imaginations (i love it ALL but i'm especially loving the journaller's notebook!), heidi swapp, a2z (i just know i'm going to have trouble finding it at an LSS around here), 3 bugs....

i also saw a little sneak a long time ago on one of the chatterbox girls' blogs (i think it was christy tomlinson, but i can't remember for sure) and it also looked fab. can't wait to see a more in-depth peek!

and i'm DYING to see what KI releases!!!


melissa said…
aw man I can't believe they dont have the F- you Miranda scene..humf. I still cant wait to see this movie-finished the book last week :)

and AHH yuck about the roach-hope you catch him ASAP!
Kim said…
Ewwwwwww....that's icky!!!

I'm dying for a lot of new stuff to...but my checkbook is hiding from me, lol!!

Thanks for the b-day wishes yesterday!!
angieoh! said…
I saw the movie too and I agree - they left out some of my fave parts! I am in complete agreement about all the new products! What is a girl to do...not eat and live on scrapping alone? Don't feel bad about taking a mini break from scrapping - you will come back better than ever (which is hard to believe since you are fabulous!)
Francine said…
you're right, heat kills mojo dead! LOL
Adrienne said…
Its hot here too....VERY hot! I LOVE this time of year!
sarahbee said…
love your blog, can't wait for all the new products either, feeling a little scared myself.
Anonymous said…
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Jen said…
Ack! You are such an enabler! I hadn't seen the 7gypsies sticker books and now that's another thing I "NEED."
Thanks for the movie review. I'm dying to see it :)
Kelly Miller said…
That's so gross about the cockroaches! EEEWWW Hope you get rid of them soon.

We have just about the same wish list too :)
nadine said…
i don't think i want to see that movie until i've had a chance to read the book.
maggie holmes said…
oh, i can't wait to see that movie! looks great!

i feel your pain on the roaches - we have tons of them here in az! haven't seen any inside but almost every day one shows up right on our front porch in front of the door. they are always upside down - dead - though so that means the pest control is working!! thank goodness!!
Michelle W. said…
kill it sparky!!!! lol (or stupidass)

yes. Michelle is awesome... ditto on that!
linda (lburanas) said…
oooh just so you know, we got cosmo cricket in at work yesterday, so the burbank memories might have it as well now. and of course i bought some. =P
Anonymous said…
This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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