half the year is over.

can you believe it?

it's still really hot over here
yesterday i felt like a swim....
then i discovered that they DRAINED my apartment pool
because they had to fix the stairs or something
so now i have to wait for it to fill up again.

worst. timing. ever.

btw. i still haven't bought the dashboard CD yet
i know ek asked how it was, but i don't know!
i'll be getting it tomorrow though. i think. lol.

oh and challenge yourself this weekend! i know y'all will have lots of scrappy time, right?

Scraplyric (theme is girls)


how much is too much (sticker sneeze!)


Funky Finds said…
Great layouts...and sticker sneeze made me LOL!
Kat said…
so fun! love the sticker sneeze : )
Hanni said…
your layouts are always SO CUTE!!! i can spot them a mile away! :)
island girl said… pool and it's still hot out!! that's when you go to target and buy the kiddie pool!! lol!!
Adrienne said…
LOL!! Great LO's!
Christy said…
LOVEDd these lo's, C!

I hear ya on the heat wave... we drove up to Claremont today and OMG - it was 106!!! I thought it was hot in S.D., lol! Made me SO thankful I don't live there. :)

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