i cropped with burberrygirl!!! (and DD ROCKS)

guess where we cropped again? yeah, the park (we scrapped there on national scrapbooking day, too). HAHA. except this time, we went to a differnt park and it was crowded so there were no tables (well, i'm sure there were some but they were on the other side of the park). so we sat on the grass....on a HILL. so funny. i wish i had a camera for that.

afterwards, we ended up at tapioca express again. we sat there for quite a while...fun stuff. people kept asking us if we were scrapbooking for school, though. lol.

it was a total blast! huge thanks michelle for coffee&crepes, and for letting me use your stuff! and for that big box of donations!!

anyways, this is what i worked on (all totally for fun. i have some stuff i HAVE to get done....but whatever. i will do those when my mojo is REALLY on) -

for this week's HMITM challenge. i have trouble using LOTS of chipboard...because I can't layer it! so half of the chipboard on this layout come from those circles. lol.

something fun. this picture cracks me up. we were trying to take a group pic...and all of a sudden, a stampede of kids came running by...and we got distracted. lol.

photoswap with linda (i'd given up on paper swaps, but i'm hoping to meet her really really soon so i can hand-deliver to her). yay for the dodger pics! (i sent her one of a dodger dog. LOL).

another fun one!

one mich did of me. i did half of one of cassandra for her. lol.

we decided to do half layouts and put them together. this looks kind of funny....

i did the right, she did the left. originally, we were supposed to do this blind. which would have made this even funnier!! LOL

exciting things at DD. LOTS of good new stuff out today...including stuff by two new designers. one of them being anna aspenes who is just.....WOW. apparently, i've been living under a digi cave (i know i have) until now because...well, she's awesome and everyone loves her.


melissa said…
oh my goodness so much eye candy!!
Alison said…
Caroline abuses her mojo.
LOVE it when you do that.
When I come, y'all can scrap at my house k?
Because I worry about you in the park.
I don't know why, but it concerns me.
Love and affection.
Anonymous said…
sounds like you guys had fun:) loving all the layouts!!
Jana said…
Love all of your awesome LO, Caro!!
Breanne said…
you got ALL those done yesterday!?!?! what the heck.

you're insane.

ilove you!
nadine said…
you are a scrapping machine woman!
kellie h. said…
Love all of those LOs! LOL with daring our japanese sister to use only 5 embellies...

sounds like you had fun! :)
Michelle W. said…
we got our scrap on. together

again why do I make that sound dirty?
Greta said…
wow you have been a busy lil bee ...i think it must be in the air...i have been scrappin like crazy myself
linda (lburanas) said…
dude how did you get so much done? i love that page of ethan!!!!
the blue hair looks hilarious every time i look at that pic.
you are too cool. and of course we shall meet soon and exchange pages. we will meet at golden deli or seafood village or pho king or the hat or noodle planet or this dumpling place i forgot to tell you about lol.
Monica said…
whoa dude!
those lo's
are seriously
making me want
to scrap now!
Helen said…
dude, you were a busy kid!!! sounds like you both had a blast!
Jamie said…
Dang girl, you rocked those out!
kristi sauer said…
ALL of those layouts are awesome! The idea of each of you doing half a page is cute...you did well together!
Anonymous said…
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