i had lunch plans today but they fell through so i ordered in some thai and lounged while getting some awesome stuff from designer digitals stuff. lotsa awesome stuff up this week...ya gotta check them out. even if you don't do digi, some of this stuff is worth printing out and making a hybrid with....i know i want to print off some of these papers and do a paper LO with them, but unfortunately, my printer is out of ink. pffft.

these three sixty papers must be my most favoritest digi papers ever. totally digging these, even though i haven't played with them yet! lol

speaking of DD...lots of awesome things on the horizon. including a chat with the fabulous ali edwards this thursday at 10 p.m. EST...should be exciting!!

in other news - i think i'm the next american idol. well no. we all know i can't sing to save my life. but i've been participating in scrap ahoy's scrap idol contest, and have advanced to the second round. you can check out my round one entries here, not sure i could post them so I thought i'd link ya to them.

i thought i wasn't going to make my entry in mojo was having major struggles the week before it was decided it wanted to come back to me at like 2 a.m. friday night. so i was up til 5 scrapping. craziness.

in other news - my buddy adrienne has been working on her own company! peep the first release of buttons here...her first release was so amazing that they sold out within three hours, but a little birdie tells me there will be more released this stalk it! oh, and i also know that she has some AMAZING stuff in the works that you will just be SALIVATING over. so exciting!!!

and the ever-so-amazing amberskolnick is pubster of the day over at the pod! yayness! amber is one of my all-time favorite scrappies! never fails to make me drool over her pages!

have you checked out the latest how much is too much challenge? it was totally hard, but totally good stuff! go play!!!

i lent my friend my camera today and i feel strangely lonely without it. not that i've used it much lately!

it's currently 5 and my mailman still hasn't shown up....strange!


Greta said…
great Lo's you entered for the contest...good luck
Michelle W. said…


ok this has nothing to do with your blog post. But we talk like everyday so I know those things and told you about it already

and I request more Michelle shout outs!
Christy said…
Oooh! Those buttons are DELISH! I want, I want, I want!

Diggin' those lo's girlie... the best of luck to you in the contest!
nadine said…
look at you and all this scrappy goodness! i would love those digi pps as real!
EK said…
Cool LO, love what you did with the AC paper!
Anonymous said…
Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

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