cool people

i just gotta many cool people out there. that i've met through this crazy hobby called scrapbooking. never would have thought i'd find people that i'd have some awesome connections with, all in the name of scrapbooking...but i have. and for that i am truly, eternally, thankful.

michelle calls me BFF. although, i think she's just trying to play me because she has a BTF (best twin friend) in spidey and BBG (best bag friend) in PCP. but i still get the fuzzies!

me and linda have been exchanging e-mails all weekend long and we are still going at it. turns out her mom lives near me, so i hope she comes visit me! we are also humongous dodger fans, and we're joking (or are we?) that we are going to share a buy 2, get 2 free season ticket package next year. heehee.

speaking of spidey and PCP...spidey is coming down to so-cal next month to visit her mom. so she was telling me about michelle's plans for when she comes down here...come kidnap me, go to an asian import store to buy cheap white pens, and go to the garment district in downtown l.a. to buy cheap trims and fabrics and stuff. and then to little tokyo to check out the marukai 98 cent store so we can buy spidey a little plastic bento box. the dress code requirement for that day is going to be ghettoness. you see, we had a bunch of late-nite threads where we were pretending to be we get to live out our little thread by dressing ghetto-fab, flashing the late-nite gang sign and taking a picture....with paper bags on our heads, a la PCP (aka the bag lady) - and take pictures. OH MAN. that is going to be too funny. i can't wait to scrap that! i'll be laughing too hard!!! lol.

i went to an angels game today...they won...i got a bobblehead...but i'm cranky because the dodgers have stunk it up lately! hmph.

i've been diligently taking a bunch of random pics with my lomographic camera...i anticipate i'll finish my roll of film tomorrow or wednesday. can't wait to see what i've got on there. my little rubber "viewfinder" fell off the other day, and i can't find it. so i've been shooting blind, basically. but apparently the whole point of lomography is to NOT know what is just not think and SHOOT. i hate this vulnerability of not knowing what i'm shooting...especially because this is film...but it's kinda fun and it makes me excited about getting the roll developed. i'm having trouble trying to let go of this "frame the perfect shot" mentality, but it's fun.

oh, and if you're like me and NOT going to CHA...come join us for CHA in spirit day. there will be lots of prizes, fun, and i'm sure craziness (maybe a little elevator ride downhill perhaps?)!!! i'll be hosting an hour (10 p.m. PST) too, so come play!!!


Michelle W. said…
we are SO going to be bag ladies...

we'll do a drive by and kidnap you! lol.

finally I can flash my tattoo of "where's the bathroom" in Japanese!

and... you are MY BFF!!! I *heart* you sweet imotochan!
angieoh! said…
You guys are so hilarious! I can just see you with those bags on your head laughing your ass off! Great fun!
Adrienne said…
TOo funny!!!
nadine said…
where did you get your lomo from? i've always kind of wanted one.
RACHEL =) said…
LOL on your plans with Michelle and Spidey, that's too funny!!!
And the CHA in spirit thing sounds sooooo fun - I'll be there for sure! :)
linda (lburanas) said…
you are so my new bdf too =P
speaking of which, i just got off the phone w/ some guy from the dodgers who called me to ask how my last game was, and to offer me a 50% off 6 games. can't go to all but one of them though, boo!
one day, fo sho, we will do the b2g2 season tix!!!

oh and you totally have to buy some of those black kung fu shoes w/ the rubber soles in chinatown hahaha!
melissa said…
I know what you mean-scrapbooking has lead me to meet some awesome people too :)

lol at your plans with michelle and Spidey ;) sounds like you all are going to have a blast-cant wait to see the funny pictures
Anonymous said…
ha!! you crack me up
Chris-el-da said…
also not going to cha
i don't even know if i can make it to cha in spirit day...
Anonymous said…
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