amusing observations

according to my handy dandy tracker....out of my last 20 searchengine referrals, 5 of them were by using the query of "poopy diapers."

to see for myself, i set out on google to try and find myself...but at page 40, this thing still hadn't come up. so i went back to check the tracker and found out that i'm pretty popular as "poopy diapers" on yahoo.

if you do a search for "poopy diapers" on blog comes up SECOND.


the "poopy diapers" is in reference to this post about my cousin's baby shower.

(i'm sure i'm going to get more queries for that now with this post...sheesh)

everyone else seems to find this thing by searching my name (this comes up first on both yahoo AND google), or the name of various scrapbook celebs. and paislee press. glad to see i'm doing some good for liz.

sometimes i do get weird queries though. the most recent of which is "'went to the bathroom outside' survey." don't ask...

i still don't have the dasboard CD, but luckily for me the thing is still $6.99 at best buy this week. i swear, it's calling ot me, i just have been really lazy and don't want to go out in this heat.

anyways, today is sunday and that means new designer digitals products. lots of cool new kits, but i'm totally in love with these fit to be flourished brushes by katie pertiet -


cool lo! oh, btw....i found you from 2peas :o)
Breanne said…
LOL :) craaazy ... how do you figure that out?!
Jana said…
Funny about the whole "poopy diaper" search!!!
vera said…
I love all your layouts!
rani said…
poopy diapers!!!!! tooo funny!!! rockin layouts!! I gotta try some digital sometime!
EK said…
Just got the DC cd from my brother. I've only been listening to it for about five minutes but it's good! I still think Places.. is the ultimate DC cd (closely followed by Swiss Army Romance) but this one sounds like it has potential!
Alison said…
We all need that program.
So you're gonna need to give the hook up.
Also you rule.
With the scrappage.
Greta said…
LOL htat is hysterical...I am wondering if mine comes up as well from my poopy dipaer post i did a while back ...bwhahahaa
Chris-el-da said…
where did you get the tracker....
RACHEL =) said…
LOL on the poopy diaper search, that is tooooo funny!!!! =)

Awesome layouts - cannot believe how much you rock the digi ones too, I've never even tried one, they intimidate me, lol!!!

Happy 4th, girlie!
nadine said…
what i want to know is why people are searching for poopy diaper in the first place.
Jocelyn said…
awesome digi action caroline
and what great things to have your blog come up under.

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