was quite interesting.

apparently the scrapbooker in me likes to take lots of pictures, even while drunk. the drunkard in me forgets how to take them. so i have lots of weird cut off, overexposed, out of focus shots in my collections.

it was memorable.

and today i was presented with 2 cakes.
and scrappy supplies(thanks michelle!)
and lots of beautiful b-day love creations on 2Ps.
thanks chriselda for organizing
and thanks everyone who participated.
i loved every single last one of them.
i felt loved

(this is later today. after the crazy part was all done)
here's to a good year.

back to getting stupid PDFs to load for oceanography...


melissa said…
glad you had a great b-day caroline!! lol-at you trying to take pictures while drunk ;)
bookit said…
wow...congrats...that cake looks delicious!
jill said…
how fun! Happy birthday!
Jocelyn said…
sweetheart of my life
i'm so excited you're 21
and i am doing a layout
sorry i'm the worst person ever
and am still working on it.
i'm slow and busy
aka not a good combination
but i've been thinking about you

happy birthday!
nadine said…
holy liquor. ;) that's the kind of birthday table i like to see!
Michelle W. said…
yay!!! now you are 21 you can officially drink and scrap!

Congrats sweetie!

where's my cake?
Babs said…
Happy birthday!
Christy said…
Happiest of birthdays sweet Caroline!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! My lift is coming soon I promise... things have been a little hectic lately not to mention my pc finally bit the dust. Still not sure how I'm gonna scan/post... hmmm. Hopefully I'll have it up soon! Happy 21st! Love you!
carey johnson said…
It looks like you had a blast! Congrats on the big 21! :::sigh:::: so loooong ago for me.
Sarah said…
Happy Drunken Birthday!!!
Chasity said…
now that just looks like FUN! so glad you had a great one!
Chris-el-da said…
glad you had a great bday!
you're welcome for the thread
i knew people would flock to it because they love you so much
keep the funk girl
we love it!!!
Jenny Lilac said…
Great layouts! I love how all your pages have such a great sense of movement.

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