so hot. so humid.

worst kind of weather.

i took a dip in my pool yesterday.
i haven't done that in....over a year? at least?
pretty much the only time i wear my swimsuit is when i go to the beach.
and not always to the beach, either.

debating whether to get the new dashboard CD
leaning towards yes, because i can get it for $6.99
just hoping it won't disappoint me...
speaking of dashboard, they're going to be on letterman....
and letterman is TOTALLY lame.
i like leno better thankyouverymuch.

i wanna watch the devil wears prada...
the book was funny!

michelle is evil.
(see, i'm blogging about you. happy?!)

still. we killed gmail!
i discovered you can see how many lines your chats have...
our highest was like almost 800
so we set a goal to get to 1000
we did that by typing in a bunch of <3s
so when we got there we decided to go for 2000
i ended up with 2001.

did i tell you gmail talk rocks?
add me and chat with me...i am ca.ikeji

i don't know what else to say.
oh, new LOs are up at crop addict.

(just a couple for a peek)
i gotta tell you though...them kits keep getting better and better and better....
loved the scenic route this month!

some other stuff i've been working on -
(big shoutout to breanne for a bunch of birthday goodies!!!)

okay i'm tired so that's it. lol


Michelle W. said…
Michelle is evil...
much like a devil...
yet totally lovable...
if you are capable...

shout out does not count when it's on America most wanted or when it's calling me out as evil.

tsk tsk tsk
melissa said…
its unbearably hot here in AZ too.

*heart* your new LO's-totally cute

and LOL at "michelle is evil" ;)
chris jenkins said…
dig all the LOs - really fab!

i freakin hate humid. It is humid in Vegas. It is supposued to be dry!
Denise said…
Oooo, Caroline - those layouts rock! I picked up some Scenic Route paper at my LSS recently and can't wait to use it - just love the new designs/colors!
Denise said…
Oooo, Caroline - those layouts rock! I picked up some Scenic Route paper at my LSS recently and can't wait to use it - just love the new designs/colors!
Greta said…
love love love you LO's....lab nerds is my favorite
nadine said…
you have a pool!?
Jocelyn said…
okay no man
letterman is WAY better than leno.
i can't even believe you said that. in this case, you aren't entitled to your own opinion.

i still like our layouts though.
Christy said…
HOLY COW - I can SO TOTALLY relate to this freakin' hot and humid weather! HATE it! When is it going to be Fall already, lol! I LOVE your lo's girlie... you rock!
jill said…
conan is better than both of them.
And I love the scrappies!
rani said… I totally need the gmail hook up now!!!
Kirsty said…
Love your LO's. They ROCK!!

I added you to my gmail contacts so if you get an invitation from Kirsty.A.Dunn then it's me. But considering the time difference because I'm from South Africa, I hope we'll be on at the same time and get to chat.

Alison said…
Y'all crack me up.
Good luck with that whole unbelievable heat thing
Donna Walk said…
Send the hot weather here. It gives me an excuse to hang out by the pool instead of doing house work. Hehee. It's hot here, but not miserable just yet.

Your LO's are fab!! Love them! :)
EK said…
So did you get the new Dashboard cd? I'm torn about it. They used to be my absolute fav, I worshipped Chris Carabba. But the new song I heard on the radio was only so so for me. Maybe it's good tho? Let me know! :)
Chris-el-da said…
love them!
love me some dash.
i'll get it regardless... and 6.99! geez woman, where do you shop?
Breanne said…
you mentioned me. so i love you. yay.
BCJennyP said…
1)What the hell is gmail chat? I have gmail!
2)Go see Devil Wears Prada. Haven't seen it yet, but considering I work for an evil editor-woman I will and can probably relate. Then we can have a book-club style critique together.
3)Buy DBC CD. Good stuff. Listen at Kristi Contes' blog.
4)Umm. I forget. Great art these days as usual. Bye for now.
Jen aka MIA Late-Night Pea too tired to Pea these days.

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