i have one day of school left.
until next month anyway.
i decided to take summer school at another school's second session.
not really.

i'm uninteresting these days.
i don't know what to say.

i almost forgot i was doing laundry today...
and almost left my clothes in the dryer forever...
and talking to crazy michelle somehow reminded me that i had laundry in the dryer...

i took a thread downhill today.
i didn't mean to!
not my fault "d" is near "r"!

that's all!


Michelle W. said…
I reminded you or something?!

I don't remember

and I was refer as crazy Michelle
Sarah said…
I've left laundry in the dryer for far to long far to often. In fact, I have a nice load in there now. Thanks for that reminder. NOT. :)
Monica said…
hahaha!! that was the freakin funniest thing evah!!
Greta said…
thanks for the happy birthday wishes on the 2 peas thread. It means alot to me

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