whoope doope doo.

it's may.
uh...why is this year moving so fast?

anyways. so i started taking pictures yesterday....

{may 1st}
"kinda sorta organized"

i didn't take this picture attempting to be a photographer extraordinere (how the heck do you spell that anyway?). but i was sort of admiring my own brilliance and wanted to capture my brilliant invention on film (okay technically on my memory card). anyway. so we all know that i affectionately call my scrap area "creative chaos" because it is indeed chaotic. i had piles and piles of paper which were spilling over into each other to create one gigantic disasterous pile. i also have a ton of priority mail boxes that need to be flattened and thrown out but for some reason i've been too lazy to do that in awhile....anyway. so my mom cuts her kleenex boxes in half diagonally to hold books and such. so i had a lightbulb moment - i cut my priority mail boxes in half diagonally to make paper holders! i realized that if i re-taped the other end of the box, i could make two with one box. so far i only made one set....but now i have a cheap paper storage method. no need in buying paper holders, right?

{may 2}
"lazy day afternoon"

there's this song by plain white t's. it's called "lazy day afternoon." it's catchy. and it goes something like this -

Nothing's going on but I don't care
Leave me here don't take me anywhere
Why should I get up when I've got nothing to do
Just another lazy day afternoon

Beautiful day outside but I don't care
Everything I need I got right here
Why should I go out, why should I even move
Just another lazy day afternoon

When everybody's working
I'd rather be a jerk and lay around
This day is just too perfect
Just another lazy day afternoon

yeah, so in my laziness....i feel like this a lot. some days....it's really nice out, but i don't want to get up and around. anyways. so i had this photo in mind for a bit....i set it up with the self-timer after i came home from class.

oh and i played with my tulle the other day.

and that is all.


Jocelyn said…
1. Priority Boxes= BRILLIANT
3. That picture= BRILLIANT

everything is cute/smart
Felicia said…
That picture is great! I need more pictures of me. I need to use that self timer more often. Great idea with the boxes. And as always your LO rocks. =)
Michelle W. said…
love the layout. You are looking very cute in that photo! It's hard to do self-portraits because we always seem meaner to ourselves. So... I think you did a great job! You are looking very good there missy!
Jill said…
Wow, I am going to steal your paper storage idea. And I already told you how much I love the tulle.
Colleen said…
ok, how cute are you using priority mail boxes as paper storage

freakin genius
Alison said…
1. Ingenious with the organisation
2. Extraordinaire
3. Love that LO. Tulle! How fabulously different.
4. Thanks for the POD inspiration. I've been quite the tourist.
Chris-el-da said…
love the picture. love it cathy!!!

i am in on this potd thang with you. but i'm only flooding the blog once a week with photos.

you are so amazing caroline! you and your ideas! bwahahaha. and can you send me some nutella. i still don't know what it is. is it peanut butter?
nadine said…
i love the self timed photos where you try and look away as though you weren't the one taking the picture. i do it all the time. ;)
Liz said…
awesome, love your photos, love what you're doing with the tulle....you are too dang creative for your own good!

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