scrappy action

for most of this week, i had no energy, time, motivation, or mojo to scrap.
now it's the end of that week and looksie -

(digi. loving Tia's new Growth kit from SS)


(in case you haven't noticed digi)

(digi for Michelle)

(this sassafrass makes me happy!)

(this is a re-do from a LO i did a couple weeks ago)

so, tracy white told me: ""Beautiful! I need you to give me some digi lessons! You're terrific."

yep, still doing the happy dance.

uh, PODs will be posted later, i'm too lazy to upload them....haha!
have a nice weekend, y'all!


Alison said…
Highly awesome Caro
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous g/f! I love all those are really good at it. So need to get me some digi kits to play with. That digi frame is ROCKIN!!
Sarah said…
these are all fantastico!!!
Funky Finds said…
Your layouts rock, girl! So glad I found your blog. :)
Colleen said…
look at all that mojo
can i have some? i haven't scrapped since who knows when!!
Kat said…
love them! you rock!!!
NikkiH said…
WOW, Those are some amazing layouts!

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