savor the journey.

savor the journey. cherish the experiences, the people you meet along the way....

i was at the social sciences awards at our school today because i got an honors for superior achievement in history. the division dean made an opening statement. that is what he said.

normally, i tend to pass over these sorts of speeches. but this one made me pause and think a little bit.

i always feel so behind in life. like everyone is ahead of me, and that i'm nowhere as accomplished as they are. my friends are talking graduation already. it's already a year away for them, if not sooner (some are only one quarter away). of course, if i started at a 4-year school, i would be graduating next year too.

but while they finish up, i'll be finishing up my GEs. to transfer. and then there's another 2 years to go.

san diego was fun. but when everyone was talking about the future, i couldn't help but feel really, really behind. there was the graduation talk. a couple of friends are studying abroad this summer, and one recently came back. one friend is starting a huge internship in a couple of weeks.

and here i stand. nowhere close to any of that.
i was dead-set on being a communications/journalism major all though college. and now 3 years through, i've started to contemplate changing it. to something more creative. which would mean that i would have to take another year's worth of classes.
am i nuts?!

it's not even just school. i can say that i'm behind in a LOT of areas of my life...

but savoring the journey. i've had some awesome experiences along the way. the reason why i'm a bit behind on GEs is because of all my journalism classes, which don't transfer to the schools i want to go to. but some of my best experiences of my college life so far have come out of being on the spotlight and courier staffs. some of my favorite people that i've met have come from spotlight and the courier.

so i don't know. maybe being behind isn't so bad after all.

i guess we all have a point to get to. and we all have our own ways of getting there. my friends have theirs. this is mine.

and maybe it's not so bad at all. i still have my journey ahead of me. and i guess it'll hold a lot more than i can ever anticipate.


Funky Finds said…
Believe me, we've all felt like this at one time or another. Just hang in there & stay true to yourself. If that means taking another year to do something more creative, then go for it. From what I've seen on your blog you are VERY creative. So I wouldn't NOT do that b/c you don't want to spend another year in school. You rock! Just keep on keepin' on.
nadine said…
i can totally relate dude. i still have two years of school left and i feel like i am NEVER going to get finished.

you'll get there.
Michelle W. said…
ok sweetie... If you want to change it what will you change it too? Job market now it's tough. So figure out what you want to do. Anything more "creative" wise will be tough on job market. It's hard... I went through school as a drawing/painting major and leaving to trying to make it in galleries are tough...

Whatever you decide to do you will rock. Love you girlie!

You rock! I demand to see more of your stuff on SBA!!! I demand it!!!

Kirsty said…
Gosh, I can totally relate. I study something that I didn't like towards the end and now I wanna study something else but can't do it fell-time so I'll have to do it part-time and that'll take me about five years to complete, so I'm feeling WAY behind.

I also feel like I need to do something creative because I can't see myself sitting and doing the same stuff day after day.

I'm sure evrything will work out for you. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.
Chris-el-da said…
i'm 26 going on 27 and still have 8 years left.
nothing wrong with being in the slow lane honey
we have to keep telling ourselves this

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