San Diego, here I come!

Yep, again.
It turns out I'll be in San Diego tomorrow and Saturday, so I figured I'd do a quick post...

So school has ended for a couple of my friends, and they are starting to trickle home....
Lucky gals, I have 3 weeks(?) or so left.

I got a letter in the mail saying I'm getting some history award. Hmm...I hope that comes with money? ha!


{may 15}
uh. yeah. moving along.

{may 16}
"makeup whore"
YES. i put makeup on! hahaha
a mirror shot. i wanted a picture of myself putting on makeup
i look like i have a lot of makeup on in this - because my cheeks are red.
but i didn't have that much on in here...

{may 17}
"10:37 p.m."

This is me eagerly awaiting to leave newspaper....
Lots of last-minute stuff including a juicy story so we were there for quite a while last night
And lots of drama today....
one of the clubs on campus totally ripped up $400 worth of papers today because they were pissed that they weren't getting enough coverage.
Our adviser wants to sure them. Campus police says the $400 in damage qualifies for a felony.
Oh and the guy we wrote the juicy story on (our athletic director got sued for sexual harrassment. You can read the story if you follow the PCC Courier link in the sidebar) has been getting rid of bunches of paper.
Yep I missed all of that because I was out.

And today's picture is missing because it's on my friend's camera.
We went shopping and I totally forgot to bring my camera!!!
Expect some funny pictures of us (okay, ME. since I'm bain) trying on some funny sunglasses.

I haven't scrapped all week because my abused mojo is still missing. Hopefully over the weekend...

One last thought - I can't believe I have to go 4 months without Grey's Anatomy! pfft!


Amy said…
hey if you find your mojo see if mine is hanging out with it
Adrienne said…
Dang Caro you are puuuuurty! I love the makeup shot...thats clever! I'm going to have to try that! I cant wait to see the photos of you trying on sunglasses! How fun! hugs girlie!
Michelle W. said…
more photos of you?!

what about your mommy!!! We demand to see her

where's my bento box (inside joke!)

Molly said…
i think my mojo is hanging out with your mojo! ACK! When you get yours, tell mine to come back over! ROFL!
Funky Finds said…
Congrats on the award! That's awesome. Sounds like an interesting week you've had!
nadine said…
lucky you going to san diego! i want to go!
chris jenkins said…
i loooooooooove San Diego -have a good time

hoping your mojo finds its way home

and i am already have GA withdrawals!
{ brooke } said…
love those pics of you.
and that's some crazy drama.

have fun in sd.
Christy said…
YES! You *must* move here!!! It'd be FABULOUS! We could scrap, go to sb-stores, talk about sb-ing... that's what it's all about ya know, lol! Hope you're having a good time in my neck of the woods! :)

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