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(I wrote this up yesterday. Pics were having trouble uploading. So it gets posted today).

I don't take a ton of photos with or of my mommy. My parents just refuse to keep up with my camwhore-ness. But I really do love my mommy. She puts up with all my crap and my whining and my laziness and pickiness....and everything, basically. We all get annoyed at our mothers, I certainly do, but I love her. A lot. So mom (even though she's not reading this), Happy Mothers Day!

We had a family gathering for Mothers Day. We played softball (I hit a couple of balls) and swam. And there was more attention paid to the babies in our families than the mothers. But why not if they are this adorable -

{may 14}

My cousin's lil baby. Seven months. Is she not the cutest thing EVER?! My other cousin's 10-month baby was there too, but I couldn't get good shots of him. But babies. Sooooooooo cute.

Speaking of my other cousin...she almost ended up working at SBA. She worked for Future...was the boss of SBA's current circulation manager....did some hiring or was going to do some hiring for SBA....but got pregnant and was bedridden. Then she quit. Yep. Interesting coincidence, no?

Uh. moving along.

(yeah I'm doing backwards)

{may 13}

I took this specifically for a LO. Which is this

Speaking of LOs. The new dare was the coolest thing ever. Which resulted in one of my coolest LOs ever.

So my mojo seems to come in quick spurts. I did something like 6 LOs in the span of 48 or so hours, then after that....nothing. No inspiration, just nothing. I just sit there pushing paper around. Michelle says I abuse my mojo. Which might be true. haha.

Uh. Moving along again.

{may 12}
"2 a.m."

Uh, yes. This is how my space looks right after scrapping a LO. Actually, it doesn't look much different normally, but hey. Whatever. haha.

Among other things -
Grey's Anatomy finale. OH MY GOD. I had my mouth hanging open for a while
I am now counting down the hours until 9 p.m. tomorrow
then i'll be counting down the days til the premiere....lalala...


Adrienne said…
Great stuff! Love this entry!
Renee said…'re mom's so cute!!!

Love all these layouts! :)
Jocelyn said…
caroline this post seriously made me happy. THANK YOU cutest post ever.
Christy said…
6 lo's in 48 hours??!! Holy cow girl! Would ya rub a little of those creative juices my way PLEEEAASSSEE??! That baby is just the sweetest thing! LOVED those lo's girlie... you are so stinkin' talented!
Michelle W. said…
awww... you mom looks so cute!

the baby too!

love the layouts.

I commented...

Michelle out.
Breanne said…
i love the photo ot the layout with the stash. way flipping cool.

abuse the mojo.

priceless. that michelle rocks.
Colleen said…
your scrap space looks like mine!

gray's anatomy
made me cry for the last 1/2 hour
genevieve said…
wicked art girl!
looooved grey's...
jill said…
I love your stuff so much caroline, always. That dare layout is incredible. Love the picture with your mom. And the scrap space, mine always looks like that.
Alison said…
The just flat out COOLest.
island girl said…
oh...if only i had a mojo to abuse!! you are rockin the layouts as usual!
{ brooke } said…
okay. my scrap spot looks much the same.
love those los.

and the baby.

love that shot of you and your mommy.
so cute.

too awesome, caroline.
yes, yes indeed.

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