last week of being 20...

and i'm back from the middle of nowhere. literally. i was in the middle of nowhere at one point. lol.

i took way too many pictures. i'm going ot the beach in a bit so i figured i'd post these before i had way too many pictures to post...

downtown vegas. which is less entertaining than the strip....oh well. i don't think it'll matter in a week, right?

we did venture off into the strip though. this is the celing from the lobby of the bellagio, which is always quite a sight.

the garden at the bellagio. patriotic theme right now. so we got to see a mini mt. rushmore!

the fountain show. which is always a kick to see...

on friday, we started our journey into the middle of nowhere. haha.
these pictures are from rhyolite, which is literally a ghost town. it was quite a big town around 1900, but all that remains are some of these ruins. i went there about a year ago and made my dad go back because i wanted more pictures of it. it is quite fascinating...

this is goldfield. another ghost town. but about 300 people still live there.

the old high school. which looks like it's going to fall apart at any was windy and you can hear the rickety-ness.

the courthouse. which was really cool.

this is part of the goldfield hotel. i was playing with angles...

and finally. tonopah, NV. where we stayed. i loved the best western we stayed at, they had fresh-baked cookies at night (yum) and free internet.

now tonopah itself. it was COLD. not so much the first day, but the second was SO windy that it was pushing me around. and freezing. brrrr.

but we went for this. gold panning. always fun.

i went shopping saturday and sunday. i went out venturing for capris and bottoms....i did buy 2 pairs, but i bought a TON of tops.

anyhow. breanne is making me, so here is my twice-annual foray into greediness. also known as a wish list.

- KI choices 2.
- the Karen Russel Narratives stickers by Creative Imaginations
- Heidi Swapp stuff. I either can't find it or when I do it's overpriced. grr.
- Doodlebug polkie flowers
- We R Memory Keepers Urban Window and Boho Chic stuff
- The Freestyle book. I still haven't bought it eeek.
- Chatterbox Chateau and Cottage.
- Queen & Co makeup collection embellies.
- Foofala stuff
- MM boho chic
- MM velvet letters
- Cherry Arte and Urban Lily

i can't think right now. haha. so i'm not as greedy as i usually am.

okay. happy memorial day!


Chris-el-da said…
ahhhh. vegas. i must go!
you look frozen in that pic. but it still sounds like you had a good time!

love and lots of it!
Jocelyn said…
gorgeous pics!
and dude we want the same things.
Breanne said…
thank you for the wish list ;) it makes me happy. now to go -shopping- woohoooo!
Michelle W. said…
I want to be there!!! LOL. But I might lose all my money when I go there. I swear I'll probably be going to the buffets and never leave.

LindsayT said…
FUN!!!! I would love to go to vegas! Can't wait to see the beach pics :)
Christina said…
amazing pictures Caroline!
Anonymous said…
you are such a cute gold sifter
love those pictures
valerie said…
Ooooh. Chihuly rules! I am so jealous you go to see some of his stuff. I love how he and his assistants make each piece, and then the people running the museums get to direct how the glass pieces are arranged. He's one of my faves.

Also, thanks for the praise on 2Peas. I went and looked at your stuff and it rocks! :D
nadine said…
i'm so jealous that you go to vegas all the time. i want to take all those pictures.

and i really can't believe that towns just fall apart like that. it's so sad that people just let big buildings like the school just disintegrate.
Debbie Hodge said…
Happy Birthday, and your photos are wonderful.

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