It's been a BLUE world.....

Dodger blue, that is!
I've been to 2 of the last 3 games...
Tuesday was blanket night so I HAD to go...I have this habit of collecting their blankets because that's one of their greatest giveaway.
This year's wasn't as great as the one from 2 years ago, but the blankets are always still really nice.
That was a great game.
Lotsa offense, eventually scored the winning runs in the bottom of the 8th....
and since they scored 10+ runs, I scored free Hooters wings.
Which I didn't have a chance to pick up...

There was a crazy ass fight that night too.
The three guys next to me were being assholes and pissing everyone off around us....
Next thing I know, they were going at it with a guy in the next aisle.
And then next thing I know, I feel beer being splattered onto me.
And more beer being thrown at them.
And then peanuts.
And more beer.
Geez, what a waste of superexpensive stadium beer.
I have to admit it was pretty hilarious though.
That was the most drama I've seen at a game so far....
but only at Dodger stadium. Yep.

Went today because we got free tickets from the school.
So a bunch of us newspaper folks grabbed some up and showed up.
Day game and nobody there and it was hot....
Although when we got there it was right around the 7th inning stretch.
Yeah, bad. Oh well.

So here I go with some pics -

{may 9}
"stadium lights"

thought the lights directly behind me looked kinda cool with an angle....i totally manipulated the color on this one. i felt like playing with it and i did more and more to kinda has an artsy feel to this now, i kind of like it!

{may 10}

No, you're not seeing an error message. But I was bad and I skipped it. First off, I forgot to take my camera. Second of all, I didn't take anything on the webcam. Third of all, I was way too exhausted to take any pics of anything once I got home. So you get this cute lil graphic I made....

But I will give you a bonus from Tuesday

Another super color-corrected one. And another pic of random things at Dodger stadium. Why all these random pics? Because I have 21093812094829034829038409238409284092 pics of Dodger stadium and sunsets at Dodger stadium that I figured I didn't need anymore. Although they DID redo their seats into these pastel-colored things. Kinda funny. Yeah these used to be very blue. Now they're a pale turquoise.

{may 11}
"blue heaven on earth"

Okay, yeah. Stadium view. But these free tickets were in the outfield, so it was a different perspective, mmkay?

Other things going on in my world -
- I dropped my philosophy class. I wasn't really going to it anyway. I was always staying home to play with my Hambly or scrap or just do other things....and so. yeah.
- I've been feeling extremely uncreative lately. Have had no energy to scrap! mehhh.
- Uh, I guess I don't have much else going on huh? lol


Michelle W. said…
baseball! you got me here with baseball? lol... you silly woman. How are you ever going to repay me?
Alison said…
Love the pics Caro.
Adrienne said…
LOL! Love the pics! Especially the one of the seats!
Kat said…
seriosuly, first thing i thought- what a waste of expensive beer! and mmmmm dodger dogs are good. if i were you i'd eat them evertime i went to a dedger game. great pics
Breanne said…
those pics are rawkin girl!
jill said…
Cool pics caroline!
lburanas LINDA said…
i'm lmao cuz i came to see if you were talking dodgers. they have opened up a CAN on those losers tonight!!!! =P
i wanted to go to blanket day but i think i'm gonna just go to the beach towel one. and i always use ethan to score the kids' giveaways haha. have tix to the game on jul 9th against the giants.
ooh if we give barry bonds his record homer this series i will be PISSED! he's up right now.... i mean remember when chan ho park pitched bonds the homer that beat mcguire's?????
i also didn't realize brad penny was so uh, chunky. was he always like that? and of course we have another guy out on the dl now...
Linda B (lburanas) said…
oh forgot to say, i can't wait to see the new seats. they're supposedly back to the original color from before they remodeled to the primary colors in the 70's.
and i also HATE hate hate pavillion seats. so friggin hot. >:(
nadine said…
good pictures dude, even the one thats missing.

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