I'm a supa-star

Guess what Fed-Ex brought today....

Yep. The SBA special issue. Which has this in it -

I also have another LO on the DVD that comes along with it.
Along with my own font - which I wrote "i'm pubbed" with.

Anyways. I demand that you go buy it. I mean, I know y'all wanna see me in print, right?

Cover price is higher than normal, but the DVD is crazy packed with an insane amount of fonts and other goodies.

Photos from the last two days -

{may 7}
"creative chaos 2"

This is how my scrap area looks currently. obviously, i've sort of unpacked from cropping on saturday, but i haven't put anything away. i also haven't cleaned up from packing. this is ultimate creative chaos, don't ya think? although, my space really isn't that much better from this normally....ha.

{may 8}
"the target magazine aisle"

I don't know what else to title this. I was at Target today....i liked how the mag aisle looked and took a picture of it. I'm also a mag whore so it is fitting. ha.


RACHEL =) said…
SO happy you're officially pubbed!!!!
and scrap!!
Michelle W. said…
yay for offically pubbiness!!!


is that a word?
Karen Carter said…
HURRAY!!!!! You're a super star in my book!
nadine said…
i can't find sba here, but i really want to buy it because i really want your font. it's cool to see not only one of your layouts in print, but YOU in print!
jill said…
Yay for being pubbed Caroline! That is so cool! I will have to see if I can find that magazine. And that layout looks cool, as usual!
Sophia C. said…
Congrats on the big Pub! That's awesome! I'll look for you for sure! Have a great day!

Molly said…
WOOHOO!!!! Yay for you, Caroline! I am so happy for you!!
Alison said…
Woo hoo
Big congrats
I'll try to wrangle an issue from someone in the States.
You're a supastar
That's what you are.
Francine said…
CONGRATS!!!! way to go!!!
Adrienne said…
YAY!!!! COngrats!!!!
Angela said…
Congrats on being pubbed! I'm still waiting to see myself in print! C'mon mailman!
Chris-el-da said…
can't wait to get it!
i'll send it to you, you can autograph it and send it back!
congrats cathy!
Sofia said…
Congratulations!! That's awesome!
island girl said…
um, i seriously hope i get this since i'm a subscriber..but i will stalk borders for it just in case!! congrats chica!
Robyn said…
Robyn said…
Oh, now you are positively PUBalicious!!!! AWESOME!!!
em said…
Awesome! Congrats!!
Jocelyn said…
congrats babe
that's amazing!
you KNOW you're amazing and funky
and everything
adrienne said…
oh caroline! You were so quiet about that!!! I didn't know til I looked at your blog! So does this mean a round of drinks on you????? lol. I hear they pay big bucks for fonts!! Dang girl! You rock!
Brynne said…
Holy cow that's awesome! I'll have to get it ! Congrats girlie!
Kat said…
i'm SO going to buy it. and then you'll have to sign my copy. i made jessie do that, lol. i'm a dork. but thats so exciting! and i want your font! fun fun stuff.
oh, and love all the lo's you busted out on nsbd!!!
Amber said…
whooh hooo!!
Breanne said…

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