Happy weekend

Happy Cinco de Mayo, actually. And it's Children's Day in Japan.

Picture time:

{may 4}
"Some random mailbox"

Honestly. There's no specific reason why I chose this for my POD....the truth is I didn't really have anything really good. I went out on a walk to maybe find something to take a picture of....didn't really work. But I did take a picture of a random mailbox on the street. It was just there and it looked semi-interesting. It looks old. ha. I did end up going out right after that....but...uh...I committed a scrapbooker's sin of being too lazy to get my camera out.

{may 5}
"Swing, Swing...."

I did end up taking bunches of pics today. We went for brunch (ended up being more lunch), then played {very lopsided) Scrabble, and then we ended up at a park and at the playground. I missed the swings so I got on it. This is a picture from that. heehee.

How's everyone else (well whoever is doing this) doing with their PODs?

So tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day. I get to hang out and crop with Michelle....probably at Starbucks! whoo.

Speaking of scrapping - I've been doing the LO a day challenge on 2Ps. I usually end up doing the equivalent of a LO a day over the course of a month....so I'm not quite sure why I'm doing it, but hey, it's fun. I thought I'd share a couple of LOs I've worked on this week -

I have Nutella again. I can officially function now. Kidding. BTW - a note for Chriselda, who keeps asking what it is - it's chocolate hazelnut spread. I demand that you go buy some because it is DIVINE.

By the way, I officially have less than a month to go until I turn 21 (a month from yesterday - June 4). Wow. Why is time going by so fast?

Ah, what am I saying. I can't wait to hit up Vegas and do all the *cool* stuff. Finally.


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nadine said…
love the swinging picture. i still LOVE to go swinging all the time, except we don't have any swings near by. :( sad. have fun cropping tomorrow, i'm hoping to get something done!
jill said…
I love the swinging picture. You are too cute! And so lucky that you get to hang out with Michelle tomorrow. have fun!
sophiacorbridge said…
That swinging photo is priceless! I love it! Have a great weekend!

Corinnexxx said…
such great lo;'s again absolutly love the last one! oooh I so wish I lived in the usa in times of the cha's!

Michelle W. said…
I was cool...
I left you a comment
they mess up and put it under jury duty post
it's not Michelle's fault
if you want to get Michelle's ultimate humor
never ending wisdom
please check under jury duty post

Michelle out (to starbucks)
melissa said…
you are too cute ;) love your pictures and new layouts

have fun on National Scrapbook Day!
Alison said…
I love that post office picture.
I'm sure it will be an amzing super creative LO in no time.
Love your LOs
So impressed with the constant creativity.
sweet_grenadine said…
Hey Caroline! Great layouts girl as always!!! I just love checking out what you've been doing.
Have fun with Michelle girl!

Kellie (babygotscraps)
paula said…
Vegas you say? I'm going to Vegas next month too! My best friend and I are celebrating our 30th birthday!! How fun....
Anonymous said…
oh wow girl.
those are some amazing lo's!
and that pic of you swinging makes me so happy!
LOVE it all!
Chris-el-da said…
hey! yay! someone finally answered me. ahem. that'd be you. and you're supposed to take the pictures. not have them taken of you!!! right? are you cheating cathy?

i'm so jealous. i want to hang with michelle. i might call and harass the two of you later on.

seacrest out
Felicia said…
That swing LO is great! Well they are all great but I really like that one. Have fun scrapping with Michelle.
Liz said…
awesome photos and even more amazing layouts girl!
island girl said…
it's official, i must try nutella! lovin' all your layouts!
Kat said…
woo hoo for turning 21!!!!!!!!
love the pic of the mailbox, even if it is random. still very artistic. and swinging is ALWAYS a good time.
how are you going to scrap at starbucks? their tables are so freakin small....

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