Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

{may 6}

Technically it's over. But let's pretened it's not.

My holiday started off with me waking up pretty late (I'd planned to be up and about by 10, but let's just say that DIDN'T happen). I then logged on to 2Ps and took part in some of their festivities.

And then I met up with Michelle, and we went to get some Thai food for lunch in Monterey Park. I came home with the leftovers. Anyhow. The girl was running on 1.5 hours of sleep, so she needed coffee. So we went to Starbucks.

We were planning on maybe scrapping at Starbucks. But we (or rather, I) decided that it was a really nice day outside so I suggested we go scrap at the park. Let me just say that moving Michelle's humongous crop supplies from the car to our little bench was quite hard because she had this much stuff -

(except for the tote bag and purple thing).

I'm sure she thought she escaped my camera. But I'm sneaky and evil. Besides I like this picture of her, so she'll just have to deal!

We made a huge mess - and our trash bag kept blowing away. LMAO.

And this is Mich and her masterpiece.

Which I think she's not yet done with? By the way for those who wonder how she does it - if you had her stash you would know. Besides, sticking a ton of embellishments on is pretty quick :P lol. Her process is stick stuff on. Well more like stick, don't like so crop down and mount on another sheet of paper, repeat. Still. It works. So. Awesomeness. I started at her for awhile at first in awe, hoping that some of that mojo would rub off on me....

Anyways. Cropping at the park was.....interesting? I mean better than the beach, where everything would probably blow into the water....but it was kind of windy sometimes. And by around 6:30, we were freezing. So we decided to go to our next adventure....

Which was more food. We went to Tokyo Lobby for Japanese. (thanks for dinnner, woman!) Yummy. She took the leftovers home this time.

Okay and then we wanted to crop some more. I suggested Tapioca Express. Which was actually a really good place to crop at, even though everyone kept staring at us. The manager guy (who me and my friends are pretty cool with) asked what we were doing and asked if we were art majors. Apparently, if you're an art major (he is) you do similar types of things by cutting up ads.

We made a mess there too -

I was really productive today, and finished 6.5 LOs (I have an unfinished one I did right before we left). Three of those were DT LOs, which I can't share quite yet. But let me tell you - kits are AWESOME for taking to crops. Easy to pack and everything is just there. Anyway. My total for the Crop Addict kit this month is insanely high (I think 5 LOs so far!) - because I love it so much! And I could probably crank out some more.

These are the LOs I CAN share -

So yeah. I was the one who took the most pictures today. Yayness. lol.
Hope y'all had a good NSD. Anyone do anything special?

I had a lot of fun today!! Mich - we need to do this again!


Michelle W. said…
we can't do it again because you will no longer be living after posting my photo...

Alison said…
The 2 of you are amazing to me.
How do you have so much creativity just flowin through the veins at all times?
Everything you do (which is a lot) is amazing.
I'm in awe.
angieoh! said…
I think you spent NSD in awesome style. Man, i hope Michelle didn't make you carry all her crap!!! she has more stuff than an lss!
pr31wb said…
Wow, you did a lot! Great layouts!
Anonymous said…
scrapping in the park,
i love it!
and love what you did,
maybe i should try scrapping in the park!
Anonymous said…
Caroline sounds like you had an awesome day! Wow and scrapping with the talented Michelle to boot!;)
I just love your work and can hardly wait to see your 3 layouts on the site girl!

Kellie (babygotscraps)
Toni said…
Awe, that is a totally cute picture of Michelle! Looks like you had a GREAT NSD! I've never heard of anyone scrappin at the park...That must be a 1st!! Too funny!

Sophia C. said…
Wow! What a day you made of it! That's just awesome. It's great to have a friend that you connect to so well and I could just feel that in your teasing post. Great layouts! Glad that you had such a great day!

Chris-el-da said…
i did jack.
and if i would've been around i would've pretended that some of that stuff was mine and stolen it!
she can't possibly keep up with ALL of it!

sometime, i will be there with you crazies... and not just in spirit
SageHen said…
I love the layouts, but I can't imagine cropping in the park. Ye Haw.
nadine said…
I'm so jealous that you had someone to crop with! And at the park yet too. That would have been so much fun. I can't imagine what people must have thought seeing you sitting there with your mounds and mounds of boxes! I seriously think I need more stuff!

I only got 3 layouts done yesterday, but I'm working on them again today and so far I've got 2 more finished. Five is a good total for one weekend right?
Brynne said…
Wow! That's a lot of stuff! I didn't get anything done, i worked all day then slept. I think you 2 did enough for all of us!
I've never heard of anyone scrapping at the park! Looks like y'all had fun!
Roselyn Ravi said…
I love the idea of scrapping outdoors. It is so cool that you actually did it. Oh and in the restaurant...Awesome.
~**Dawn**~ said…
Michekke is such a fun soul. and i am sure it was amazing to see her work in person. i have no idea how you guys got anything done though. Michelle makes me laugh way too hard for me to ever possibly be productive around her in person. =P
jill said…
Thank you for taking a picture of Michelle.

I can't believe you scrapped at the park.

I love your layouts!
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Muriel said…
I knew once I saw that picture that Michelle was going to come after you...I promised I wouldn't post the photo I have of her...

I saw me in that layout...that's so funy....

looks like loads of fun...we'll have to get together too!!
monica said…
Boy, you two have A LOT of scrap material!!!!

Your work is so damn priceless, just love everything you do!!!!
em said…
You totally rock for posting the picture of Michelle! You've made a lot of bloggers happy :) Love your layouts!! I love them even more that you created them in the park!!
amyjune said…
Scrappin at the park! That's hilarious- you should have got a little red wagon for all the stuff! Love the layouts :)
RACHEL =) said…
Michelle is SO funny, love her comment, haha!!!
Sounds like you guys had SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! No fair! :p
Gorgeous layouts, girl! Wow, I just love your stuff! Can't wait to see the other ones! =)
Sarah said…
dude. That is eye candy like I've never seen before.
Anonymous said…
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