Graffiti is just the Yahoo version of pictionary.

But dude. I love playing this with friends. Because it usually ends up getting really, really hilarious.

We've played the last two nights and I could NOT stop laughing. Last night, I also took screen I'm going to see if YOU can guess what they are






I usually end up getting really competitive and start typing out lots of CAPS, nonetheless. And when I can't figure out what the heck it is, I start guessing really bad things...yep. My mind is in the gutter. Blame it on the late nite girls.

a. the word was football player. i drew this. rather pitiful.
b. this was supposed to be a "babe." which is really ironic because everyone kept guessing "ugly woman."
c. whistle. don't ask.
d. your guess is as good as mine, because we skipped this before anyone got it.
e. trampoline. this was my drawing. sooo bad.

okay yeah, that was fun. thanks for letting me indulge in my amusement.


nadine said…
lmao. oh my gosh, those pictures were hilarious.
sarah.b said…
I have never seen that before, so funny, have to give that a try definitly!
RACHEL =) said…
tee hee... these are funny!!! The stuff you come up with!

Sorry I haven't been around -- LOVE all the pics of you and your friends, so fun!!!! And I LOVE your layouts too!! =)
Molly said…
These are just to cute! Love them! ROFL! Looks like so much fun!
Adrienne said…
ROFLOL! Too funny!
Becca said…
Oh my heck--sounds fun! I'm terrible at Pictionary (can't draw to save my life) and my brothers who ARE artists kinda stink at it too--they're perfectionists which doesn't work well when playing against a timer!

And I totally got whistle. : )

Sofia said…
LOL Looks like a lot of fun. I'll have to try it.
Mara said…
i might need to try this :)
jill said…
This is the funniest. I love those pics!
Chris-el-da said…
i don't get it.
any of it.
but i love you

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