where did the week go?

seriously. spring break is like....pretty much over.



today is friday. which means it's baseball bias day (for me anyway, since NL west goes up friday).
go give it some love.

so i went shopping today.
i took not very much money with me to force me to restrain myself...
i was in and find out there is an anniversary sale and the whole store is 20% off
i knew i went there for a reason! lol

anyways. here is what i got.

i came in just under $20.
i figured i had new stuff still waiting to be played with
and i have another 2Ps order coming (another GC - thanks kim!)

that new sassafrass lass is so adorable that it makes me smile looking at it.

those basic grey rub-ons are supercool. suzanne did a LO that really turned me onto them.

the KI epoxies were cheaper than i was expecting me to be. i think the organized line is my favorite out of the new stuff, and i have some of the paper and the stickers coming, so i got the epoxy alphas. those were the only new KI embellies they had in stock over there today anyways.

what else? always love those kaleidoscope die-cuts. the chester paper i've been wanting for awhile, last time I went to this particular (not-so-local) LSS, they didn't have it and i haven't been there til today, sooo. one sheet of paper salon waaay in the corner. oh and i've been coveting the winnie's wall from SEI since i saw it anyway.

So. Anyways.
I scrapped.

this is for the leave memories DT challenge. i had to be inspired by something in my pantry. guess what my inspiration piece was? yeah=huh. nutella. what else? hahaha. only i would. sarah told me to use nutella as ink and i was like "that is SUCH a waste of nutella!"

this was inspired by jamie waters's article in the may CK. inspired by one of the sketches in here. i want to try to do the 12 LOs in 3 hours. one day. but mostly, i wanted to play with the sassafrass stuff. and i liked this sketch. yep.

this one is for the senior year album. and totally weird. but in a cool way. picture cutout. yep.

i need picture mojo. i've pretty much scrapped all of my good recent photos. most of them. i think i need to do a POD again. anyone care to join me?

so. the late nite girls in the pub are nuts. last night was especially crazy. omigoodness. it was all going downhill when i got there....but we were speaking about "pea-ness"es. yep.i definitely hopped on the "ban wagon." LOL


Michelle W. said…
oh man... Those stuff looks so cool...

Love your layouts. I'm your biggest fan!

(still chanting sushi, doing the robot)

Chiara said…
love the goodies you got and wow some awesome layouts.
Sheila said…
OMGosh, I was just thinking of doing a photo a day thing. I only made it a week in January, but then I didn't have my computer sent up to easily download photos like I do now. Let me know if you wanna do this, cause I'd join ya. :)

Great shopping finds. :) Puts me in the mood to shop. Cute LOs too.
EK said…
Wish I had time to do a POD this month! It would be so much fun! I loved doing it back in Jan! Hope you do it tho! And love all your new scrap goodies! I still have all my new stuff that I bought in February and haven't touched!
Dana Brooks said…
Oh, you can go shopping for me anytime. You got alot of stuff for just under 20bucks.....Love the layouts too.

Anonymous said…
Drop by here because Michelle is always raving about how good you are on her blog and she is right!!! Love your style. Looks like a great purchase you've got there.

nadine said…
send me all that product please. you have my address. :)
Christy said…
Mmmmm.. just look at all them scrappin' goodies - YUM! And those lo's??... SO awesome girlie! Dig your style the mostest! :)
Kat said…
heard all about the "pea-ness" today. too funny!
love your lo's, go girl on your shopping scores. fun fun stuff!!!!
you'll have to join me and michelle for our next crop ; )
Alison said…
We should do that.
Because I'm outta pictures.
I got nada.
YOu have mad rockin LOs, by the way.
Tawnya said…
I love these LO's! lovin' em all girlie! great job! love sassfrass too! i have some to play with :)
Jocelyn said…
i love all your layouts. as always.
especially the cut-out one
waaaay too creative

and i need to do POD with you because i haven't been taking pictures lately. And i need to be!
RACHEL =) said…
Love all the fun goodies you bought - and the layouts are awesome!!! Glad you got some scrappin done!! =)
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