tap-ex jenga

first of all - it's baseball bias day. this week i wrote about j.d. drew >> give it love.

so I went to tapioca express tonight...
me and Amy showed up way later than everyone else, so when we got there, there was a bunch of empty drink cups...

so they started to stack them into a pyramid.

they stuck my drink on the bottom row, and I felt like drinking out of it....
so i took it out and exclaimed "Jenga!"

so...tri took out another drink and piled it on top.

then.....everyone blew on the cups and knocked them down. jenga, indeed. (why don't i have pictures of the collapsed cups?!)

it was also paparazzi atmosphere in there....this is the group of friends that are all obsessed with their cameras. so we had about 5 cameras taking pictures of this.

.....just something I just found amusing tonight.

Anyways. I scrapped. Yayness.

for this week's dare....i'm not completely, head-over-heels in love with this. the dare was sponsored by hambly so i decided to use mine because i haven't played with it in a while....but it didn't quite come together the way i wanted it to. hmmmm. maybe i'll do another. hahah. still. i'm completely in love with these screenprints. i mean. they are totally gorgeous. and yep, i used one of those reflection photos from yesterday. although i completely messed one up since i did something really weird. oops.

for the ad inspiration challenge in the pub over at 2Ps...loved this week's ad, but this looks, uhh....not very alike? I didn't save and print the ad, sort of went with what was in my memory....i remembered the big picture but i felt like using that space for patterned paper....and i remember there being 3 small photos. so, you see, there is some connection.

I figured i'd share my crop addict LOs since we started uploading on monday. this kit was so fun! this paperloft stuff was so cool, and something i wouldn't have played with if it weren't for the kit. but it was awesome! (oh and i got next month's kit today.....and trust me, it just keeps getting better and better!)

(these boshers are WAY cool)

anyone see this? i'm a total KI addict, totally thinking of going for this one! eeeek.


melissa said…
lol at the jenga cups and the paparazzi ;)

all your LO's are always super cute! I love that hambly pp, I just ordered some of their paper today and cant wait till it gets in so I can play :)
Chris-el-da said…
great stuff cathy!
my gawd you scrap more than anyone i know!
Kim said…
Great lo's...especially the Ad inspiratin one!! Great work!!
Wife2TJ said…
Just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE all your LO's that you do!
Adrienne said…
ROFLOL!!! Great stuff!
Felicia said…
Your LO's rock.
em said…
I don't know what tapioca express is...but it sounds great! Love your layouts!
Colleen said…
you did all that last night??
you are my hero

and i'm totally diggin the word scrapness
using that now
Michelle W. said…
man... Lots of layouts!!!

You are nuts. Nuts I tell you (next time, charge your phone so I can harrass you longer)
momofmany said…
Okay what is tapioca express? It sounds great. ANd I love the LOs, but expecially the photos - looks like you had a blast.
Linda B (lburanas) said…
dodgers won 2 in a row against sd- yay! don't they somehow always lose to sd, especially when sd is sucking the fat one and loses to everyone else... except the dodgers lol.
it won't be a proper season until:
j.d. drew
jeff kent
yhency brazoban
eric gagne
let's just throw in nomar too

are on the dl haha. =( but i guess they are pitching .19something right now, so woot!
nadine said…
dude, loved the room crashers layout! ;)

and the paparazzi thing is funny. i wish i had more friends with cameras glued to their hands.
Sarah said…
love, love, love your layouts.
Peta said…
totaly love that add inspired layout Caroline - well I love them all but love that one the most LOL!!

Had a good giggle over janga!! ROFL

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