Life has been pretty uneventful lately, but I felt like I should pop in.
SO if I bore you...sorry!

Spring break is next week!
The problem is, of course, that most of my friends had theirs about 2 weeks ago.
So unfair.
At least next year I'll have the same spring break as almost everyone this time.

I think I'll be going to San Diego this weekend to kick it off.
My dear friend Amy's birthday is Thursday and we're gonna go celebrate!
I love San Diego/La Jolla. I love her condo. I love that whole area.
It's so pretty.

She wants me to move in with her so she can kick out one of her roomies...
now that was *the plan* had I ended up at UCSD in the fall....
but since it looks like that's not happening
although I could work down there or something....
but I mean, I still do want to go to UCLA in the winter.
Now if UCLA ends up rejecting me when I re-apply...then that would be perfect.

Ahhhhh. craziness.

So this weekend.
I went to the Angels/Yankees game.
Can you believe that I went to an ANgels game before a Dodgers one this year?!
I'll be going to Dodger stadium on May 9 though!
Anyways. The Angels got blown out. I hate the Yankees. I got sunburned.

I also scrapped this weekend, so I'm gonna share -

For the Dare this week which was just WAY awesome. Seriously, LOVE LOVE LOVE it. For this...I doodled on the photo with a pushpin! lol

Okay, I know you guys think I'm CRAZY with this but chill. So one night on one of the late night threads, I was lagging so it was taking me forever to Wendy (WendyReedPea) was like "maybe caroline got lost in a rub of Nutella." I thought that was hilarious. Then Michelle (burberrygirl) was like "you should Photoshop yourself into a Nutella jar and scrap it." So guess what? I did. LOL. It was too funny not to.

I also photoswapped with Michelle and this is what she came up with. Isn't it amazing? And how did I not guess that Nutella was going to be involved?! hahaha!

Okay, I got lazy so that's it.
I get to take a midterm today....Online.
Yep, you read right - ONLINE.
brilliant idea, isn't it? lol
I also have to write a 2 pager paper on Tomb Raider and go turn it in....
but do you see me doing that?! no.
okay I'm off!


nadine said…
i've always wanted to go to san diego.
i know people in san diego.
why can't i go to san diego?
Felicia said…
Love San Diego! Ahh man, I wish I could live there.

Those LO's are so cute. I love the one Michelle did for you.

Have a great weekend in SD!
Kat said…
yay for san diego! you can come on my wine tasting bday bus if you want ; )
and if you move down here, we totally have to have scrapbooking parties! have lots and lots of fun!
island girl said…
gawd..i'm so going to have to try this whole nutella're killing me with it!! and yo..where's my photo swap chica!!?!
RACHEL =) said…
Oooh, San Diego - I heard it's soooo beautiful! Hope you have fun!

LOVE your layout and how you photoshopped yourself into the nutella, ha ha!! And I love Michelle's - she is so awesome, the embellishment QUEEN!! Wish I had her mad skillz!!

Have fun writing the paper!!!!! =)
Michelle W. said…
LOL. Love this!!! Love that Michelle! She's so cool! lol
Chris-el-da said…
what the heck is nutella?
i feel out of the loop with all this nutella talk here, patchouli stench there, panera bread there...
someone, please bring me up to date!

and what the flip are you wanting to go to school for now?!
vivian said…
these pages are SO cool and FUN!!

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