Scrappin' Fool I am....

That was me this weekend. Actually, it's been me this whole week because of spring break. Can't believe that is over now. Argh.

I participated in TSS's cyber crop this weekend. I did 10 LOs total, along with a tag and a card.

Lots of challenges there....I think I did all but two of them. Phew. Love how challenges force me to...well, challenge myself.

Now my mojo is exhausted....and I'm sure I'll be struggling this whole week. Mehhh. Oh well.

Anyways, thought I'd share :)

The challenge was to focus on hand journaling. You can click to make it larger and I think you can read it.

Use three products. I used patterned paper, Rub-ons and letter stickers.

White background + black&white picture. I did this one digitally...primarily because I didn't want to get up off the computer. ha.

Cardstock only LO. Boy, this one was hard. This is heavily influenced by Elsie/

Had to use 3 photos, 3 embellishments, 3 patterned papers, 3 pieces of cardstock, 3 journaling blocks and the number 3. A toughie....but a good one. Finally cut up the gorgeous Urban Couture.

Used the last thing you purchased on a LO. I bought the diecut and the KI epoxies when I went shopping Friday, so I put it on here.

A seasonal LO. This picture screamed spring and I thought the BG rub-ons went with it perfectly!

This is based on a sketch...and I had to use black cardstock!

A LO about family. I did it on how my mom and I are alike. A digi, BTW.


I need pictures. Like I'm never going to run out of pictures, but they're the sort that don't make me want to rush and scrap them, you know? I guess a POD is in order. Who wants to join me?

SS has a call out right now for a bunch of holiday ones, everyday life. I had a ton thanks to the PODs...problem is, they went bye-bye when my computer died...whoops.

I'm on call for jury duty this week. Don't have to show up tomorrow, but I have to call this hotline every day this week to see if I every have to report....

So did you know...I have all this Easter candy....and I forgot about it all last week? Yeah, go me! lol.


Jen said…
Sweeet layouts girl. I love Sudoku too, except I never say it right. Fun challenges. Invite me next time, jeez! *L*
Michelle W. said…
love those layouts! you are nutzo
Corinnexxx said…
great lo'S!!!!

Chris-el-da said…
i'll join you in POD!!! all the way. so long as if i get a day behind on blogging, i can post two at a time. cool beans??

LOs were awesome chica. and what the heck is nutella? never heard of it. i'm out of the loop and it's depressing...
Tawnya said…
WOW great LO's!!
Adrienne said…
Beautiful LO's!!!!
Anonymous said…
Fabulous, I love all those layouts!
Chelsea said…
Gorgeous Layouts! What a fun weekend!
genevieve said… WAS a busy bee!
awesome pages girl!
genevieve said… WAS a busy bee!
awesome pages girl!
Felicia said…
I'd say you were on a big time role this week. Great LO's!
Kat said…
love all those lo's!!! sounds like some fabulous challenges, i need to do some of those!
nadine said…
jury duty? wtf that would suck.

i'm not doing a pod but i might try the layout a day thing!
Beck said…
You are awesome! I am a Sudoku lover, too. It's on my list-of-things-to-scrap. (:
RACHEL =) said…
Oooh, I LOVE all of these layouts, girlie!!!! AWESOME stuff! Looks like you have some rockin new goodies!!! =)
glo said…
your layouts are amazing!!! i totally love your style!
monica said…
Where do you find the time to do 10 LO's? Geez, you were on a roll! Love your LO's!!!!!

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