Quite possibly my new addiction.....?


I saw this idea in Glamour for wallpapering (i guess it wouldn't be paper, huh?) your walls with lace.
So I was at Jo Ann, and looking for sheets, rather than spools of lace....no luck.
But I found this tulle. Cheap stuff. And I have a lot of it.
The white one was in the remnant pile....and I think I scored it for 16 cents or some ridiculously cheap price of that sort.

UCLA officially rejected me yesterday.
Now if UCSD will send me their rejection....
I can move on, take stats over the summer, apply again by July 31, and see what happens.

New Grey's Anatomy today! Hooray! I was going nuts during their 2 week hiatus!

Oh and BTW - I'm starting a Photo-of-the-day tomorrow.
There's a challenge going on Diversity Designs, but if you'd like to join me on the blog, go ahead and please do :)


nadine said…
i totally thought that was bubble wrap.
Adrienne said…
I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL GA COMES ON!!!! Sorry about the rejection, but you have a great attitude about it!
Michelle W. said…
photo a day huh...

sorry to hear about UCLA... that bites.

tulle... so pretty...
Jocelyn said…
i thought of a good idea for you
start scrapping answers for all the application questions.

you'd be a shoo-in for sure.
ashley said…
I thought that was bubble wrap too! ROFL

I wanna do a photo a day... I failed miserably last time I decided to try one :(
May said…
I LOVE tulle!!! I have some hot-pink that I've been saving...

((HUGS)) about UCLA. I am sure things will work out for you.
Kat said…
yay for tulle! can't wait to see how you use it........
and yay for greys!!!
Alison said…
That sucks about school.
Hate that feeling.
Totally PODing with you though.
Chris-el-da said…
will totally do POTD with you. i'm on it like white on rice!

and what are you gonna do with the tulle? scrap nutella and tulle?

and GA RAWKED my face off, cathy!

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