on this brain of mine

i wore my hair in a bun today. usually, i have so much trouble getting my hair in a decent bun because my hair is layers, but my hair is getting waaaay long so it worked. i think i looked cute thankyouverymuch (yes, i am vain).

i need to cut my hair really badly. i was going to do it this weekend....but i was scrapping away instead. maybe this weekend.

have you noticed that i've stopped properly capitalizing my blog entries lately? my copy editor (oh wait, we don't have an official one anymore) would be disappointed. lol.

i got a digi LO picked up today. totally cool. it was one of my favorites, too (i mean overall)! maybe i should stick to submitting digi because i'm 1-for-1 and for everything else i'm about 5 for 3904829034802384023840123817293. not exactly but you get the idea. heehee.

got some more scrapping goodies in the mail today....including some 6 cent mustard moon paper. yeah that was sweeeeet. also some supercute KI stickers, among other things....can't wait to play although i think i need some scrapping rest? heehee

i feel like i'm in a rut right now....not just scrap-wise but in general. hmmm...think i need to branch out a bit.

so back to school. and the one thing i missed was my newspaper computer! heehee. i walked in and turned it on and was like "ooooooooh how i missed this thing." gotta love those supercool G5s.

tis an awesome day for LA sports...dodgers won and clippers are 2-0 in the playoffs! whoo hoo! history says that once teams win the first two games in a playoff series, 95% of them go on to win the series, so odds are in the clips' favor. whoo hoo.

oh. i'm out of nutella. totally sad. need to go to the supermarket...

okay i think i'm done blabbing.


Michelle W. said…
yay for the clippers. They really shame the nuggets for sure!

you hair look totally cute!!!

Julie Ann said…
What is your digi layout going to be in?
pr31wb said…
Congrats on the digi lo, and I can totally relate on the need for a haircut.
Renee said…
Congrats on the layout!
Alison said…
Love your blabbing
So much fun
Kat said…
babbling rules. yay for your digi lo!
island girl said…
congrats on getting picked up girl!! you are becoming such a supa star!
Sande said…
Congrats on getting the digi layout picked up! I love it when that happens...cause there's nothing to mail!
RACHEL =) said…
CONGRATS on getting a digi layout picked up, and I just saw you tootin for 2 more - YAY!!! SO awesome!

Lots of new goodies, huh?! You have GOT to take a pic of your scraproom!!!! )

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