lazy lazy lazy

that's how i'd describe my first couple days of spring break. and i love it. teehee.

scrap-wise, though, i was really productive yesterday. 5 LOs. am i superscrapper or what? lol

my 2Ps order arrived when I got included some of the new KI.

Used the cool Starbucks coasters. Brunneous = having a dark brown color.

i found these old pics in a box. and it brought back some memories sooo. these were from my 13th birthday.

A b-day lift which ended up being more like an "inspired by."

i was trying to be clever here. dunno if i succeeded or not. ha.

okay, now for a bit of self-promotion. i started writing for baseball bias again two weeks ago. i kept forgetting to link my articles here. so i'll give you this now and urge you to go give my stuff some more hits. ha.

also joined the diversity designs design team over the weekend. loved their concept of trying to promote diversity in the scrapbooking industry. i'm a big fan of promoting diversity anywhere. yep. i get to work with some very cool people too, so i can't wait to get started!

i don't know what else to say. perhaps i'll be back later in the week with something interesting to write about!

happy spring!


Felicia said…
I'll say you have been very productive with your scrapbooking. Your LO's are always so awesome!
I'm off to check out your links. =)
nadine said…
i just finished packing all my scrapbook stuff up to move. makes me sad.
LindsayT said…
Caroline...I so love that you used a starbucks fabulous!!!
island girl said…
i can not believe you got 5 layouts done in one day!! you rawk, and these layouts rawk!!
Jocelyn said…
it's been forever. i'm sorry blogger hasn't been working for me.

anyway, i love your pages, ms. art.
my fave is the second one. enjoy your break babe
Rori said…
Oh girl I love the LO's!
Michelle W. said…
layouts are amazing! love it all. Just a quick comment becuase I don't know what to say too. Maybe we should stop talking to each other so I have something new to say for once. lol

Kat said…
love all your pages!!!!!! you totally rock!!!! i'll go check out some of your links now ;)
Sande said…
Wow! Way to work all those layouts! You have the coolest banner too!
Alison said…
FIVE in ONE day?
You're superscrapper all right.
Emily Kate said…
You scrapbooking queen! You always rock out these amazing LOs! I wish I had time and scrapbooked as quick as you! You're amazing!

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