Jury Duty.....

I know it's necessary in our system and all, but sheesh. Can we say - a waste of a day?

Doesn't help that the timing was the most horrible EVER. Wednesday = newspaper. I also had something due for oceanograpy, but I think that will work out. argh.

So anyways, I'd been calling and not expecting to be told not to report. So I went nuts when I found out that I did have to show up today, and when I found out I had to be THERE at 7:45 a.m., I was like "are you f-ing kidding me?!"

Which meant....I had to wake up at 6:30 or so, which I haven't done since high schoo.

So I did show up on time....in the area, that is. You see, downtown L.A. has about 3 courthouses within about a block of each other - a criminal one, a federal one, and the superior court building. I was supposed to report to the criminal one - but for some reason I forgot that there were multiple couthouses there.....so I walked into the federal one. When I couldn't find a room 302 on either the fifth (my summonst said to report to the fifth floor) OR the third floor....I went back down to the main lobby and asked "am I even in the right place?"

Obviously, I was supposed to be at the courthouse across the street. So. When I'm in line....the girl behind me goes "...I was already late and I went to the wrong court...." I was like "OMG, me too!" lol. At least I wasn't the only one, right?

On our 15-minute break in the morning, the lady talks about some Starbucks around the corner. Since I was still half-asleep, I go in search of that. So I circle the area 2 times....still can't find it. Time was up. I went back. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Not cool. I WANTED MY COFFEE!!!!!!!

So my day consisted of.....falling asleep.....running out of reading material.....being bored...and spending way too much money on food/snacks/beverages because I tend to keep eating when I'm bored.

The woman kept talking about all the nearby sights you could check out downtown....but like.....what is the point if I don't have a camera, right? lol. I did venture out to the Grand Central Market for lunch....ventured way too far and went into a not-so-nice area of downtown. It was....uh....interesting. Yep.

So after lunch....they didn't call any panels for about 2.5 hours. They called 30 people then....who I all felt sorry for....because they let us out shortly after.

And now I'm done for a year.

So no panels, not on a case, nothing. Which is great....but geez. Eight hours of doing nothing?!

I sooooooo could've scrapped a ton then!

This was one of those situations when I wished I had a laptop/iPod/other portable device. hmmph

Anyways......this must be my week scrapping-wise! There was that digi LO picked up by Legacy the other day, 2 from ST yesterday (one digi) and SBA picked one up today too :) whoo. I am way excited! :)


Jocelyn said…
so.... i know what nutella is now.
and it is delicious is what it is.

congrats about your pages!
and i think jury duty would be fun, but maybe I'm just kidding.
Chris-el-da said…
what the heck is nutella? do they sell it here in texas? and wow, you are complaining?

i'm going to have to come back and check this in the morning to make sure i'm reading it correctly. it IS late and i'm exhausted. surely you, happy chatty sweet Cathy Caroline are NOT complaining about something. i bet you're saying cuss words in your sweet paris bennett voice too.

my favorite little mouse!

lvoe you!
The Dares said…
bummer re: wasted day but uhm...
yay re: your pages being picked up!
and now...you have a year off duty.
nadine said…
you aren't going to need a summer job!
Michelle W. said…
ok, read it all....

man, that totally sucks... Ugh. coffee... I want more coffee too!

Alison said…
Congratulations girl!
bookit said…
Adrienne said…
Yuck on the jury duty!!!!! Congrats on your pages!
Brynne said…
I had jury duty for the first time back in February. It SUCKED! I got picked and had to listen to both sides of the story and blah blah blah but i didn't get picked for the final 12 or whatever.
That's awesome about your LO's being picked up! YAY!
Becca said…
In case they didn't tell you: THANK YOU for doing your civic duty! I haven't had to do that yet (knock on wood) but I'll try to remember your day if I ever do...

Congrats on the pubs, too!

rani said…
Congrats Caroline on the toots!!! And I love Nutella!!!!
Renee said…

sucks about your wasted day, getting up early, all that stuff. :(
Michelle W. said…
love the pages...
you are a lucky dawg for having the chance on hanging out with Michelle!!!

oh wait. I need to log out and sign in anon to say it huh!

**this is not Michelle**

Michelle out (to starbucks)

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