I'm random. So sue me.

i'm allergic to my glasses.
i tend to *ahem* not wear them, but i'm allergic to them
i have these patches of irritation on my cheeks...
so i got it checked out today....
and i'm allergic to my glasses
so i'm probably going to end up in contacts
and emo glasses whoo.

i went to jo-anns in search of the may CK
found that, walked around...
they have summer stacks already?
i figured i'd wait til next week (can always use cardstock)
because they have 50% coupons
but i ventured out of the scrapping section
found this stuff

yep. lace.
i have a feeling i can get obsessed with this stuff.
btw, they have spools selling for a buck so if you want lace too...
go check it out.

speaking of may ck....
can't wait to devour it.
in need of inspiration here.

wanted to go scrap shopping this week.
like can you belive i've only stepped foot inside an LSS once in the last two months?
i've gotten cool DT stuff and RAK stuff (thanks people!)
and my 2Ps order came though
so i'm pretty well off
but i want me a shopping trip...

i can't believe it's thursday already
why do breaks go by soooo fast?

costco's $1.50 hot dogs rock.

and this has gotta be my favorite digi to date.
fun stuff.
i plan on paper-scrapping today though.

weather is perfect today!
but it's supposedly going to rain on saturday

okay, i am now off for some shaved ice.


Christy said…
Oooh! Gotta run to J's sometime this weekend and get my hands on somma dat cheapo lace! NO SCRAPBOOK STORE SHOPPING IN 2 MONTHS??!! Holy cow girl! I'd be going through MAJOR withdrawls, lol!
Sarah said…
Love the random.
Get your shop on, girlie-o.
Renee said…
yum...love shaved ice! I wanna live in Cali too!!

nadine said…
i LOVE the hot dogs from costco. and they are like a foot long!
Michelle W. said…
shaved ice...

I want some...

somehow I always just go directly to the food and ignore anything else you have to say. Ha!

Jill said…
LOVE the lace!
Gwyn said…
I tried to scrap shop a couple days ago. Really. Two lss. Bought absolutely...nothing!

This "not buying" has really changed how I enter those places now. More gas money this way. :P
Kat said…
looooooooooove costco hotdogs........
randomness rocks my socks
fab : )
justjohanna said…
spools of lace for $1. you bad, bad influence, you!
Alison said…
Awesome LO chickie.
genevieve said…
i LOVE lace!!!!
yay for lace.
go lace go.
can't wait to see it in action :)
friday - woohoo!
glo said…
Hi caroline, i noticed you're from Alhambra... i live in Monterey Park and was wondering where you shop for scrapbook stuff. (besides michaels) I go all the way to cerritos to shop at Strictly scrapbooking cos i haven't found any LSS. Lemme know if you know of anywhere more local. thanks! =)
Anonymous said…
I love your scrappin' and I love your blog, too!!!

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