happy easter folks :P

i missed the egg hunting this year and therefore the competition for the $10 egg and the most money (we went to bed at 6 a.m. and woke up around 1) and the most money...but i came home with a full stomach...but i came home with a full stomach and a huge plate of desserts.


i arrived in irvine friday evening in the midst of crappy weather. we went to dinner...at the corner bakery which is yummy. then we hung out. while i was waiting for our friend judy to come, i let nora and her boy watch lost together ... and spent an hour on the phone with Michelle for an hour.

we weren't leaving for san diego til saturday evening, so i had the whole afternoon to kill since nora wanted to study. so...i arranged to meet up with THE burberrygirl in irvine.

we met at a asian tea place...had lunch there. then guess where we went?

yeah. where else did you expect?! hahah.

so she took a bunch of awesome pictures of me....you can go see them on her blog. and she kept trying to dodge my camera with her big one....but i did catch one of her without her camera blocking her face. bwhahah.

so then we went to S.D....ate some awesome mexican food and then went back to amy's apartment. and celebrated. yep.

that is how i looked the entire night. ....yeah.

here's to spring break!

I also got tagged by my awesome fellow SBA DTer Natalie. The assignment is to pick someone and write 5 things about them. Since I just met Michelle, i'm going to just do her.

1. She's hilarious. Like...she kept me cracking up all afternoon Saturday.
2. The girl and I can talk about food like no other. And scare people off with that!
3. She's an awesome photographer. Let me pimp the photos she took of me again >> on her blog
4. The girl has talent. Lots of it. I mean, you have to check out the eye candy on her blog (which I've linked several times) and in her 2Ps gallery.
5. She's just an all-around cool person. Can't wait to hang with her again!!

Okay....who to tag. Michelle is it....and so is Erin, Rachel, and Nadine. Have fun!


nadine said…
meeting other peas is so fun!
Michelle W. said…

BTW! That photo is not Michelle. That clearly has no photoshopping in it!!! lol

You're so cool and I love you!!! Glad that you're my friend.

Christy said…
Happy Easter C!
Looks like a fun weekend!
Hope ya don't mind if I add ya to my blog! :)
Jen said…
Sounds like a great day with friends!!!
Adrienne said…
I can't wait until I can me some "Peas"! Looks like you had fun!
bookit said…
sounds like you had a wonderful time!
April said…
isnt it the bestest to meet fellow peas/bloggers?! so fun!

glad you had fun...happy easter, chick!

island girl said…
hooray for meeting your 2peas buds!! and how cool you snapped a pic of her! love it! she does take some awesome photos...i checked out her blog and saw your super model pics!!
Anonymous said…
you two are adorable!
i love it!!!!!
i got your tag girl,
EK said…
How fun!!!
Chris-el-da said…
your pics are cute on her blog.
and the first paragraph confused the eff outta me kathy! read it again and please make some sense out of it. i'm getting old. don't understand you young girls and your slang...
Alison said…
Happy Easter girl!

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