Think Blue, baby!

We had a picnic today for the Dodgers community over on Livejournal...I hardly use my LJ and haven't really checked/posted in the community lately...but anyway. Cool people on there. So the mod (he is missing in the picture) of the community organized a picnic get-together a month or so ago...and that was today. So not a ton of people came (I also dragged Elaine along with me)....but 'twas fun. Love being around people who are as passionate about the Dodgers as I am!

I was especially excited to meet this girl - Alicia. We friended each other in the community after some drama started with this one groupie-ish girl...we both loved Shawn Green when he was with the Dodgers, but I really respected her for her deep baseball knowledge. Really, this girl knows her stuff so well. So we friended each other's journals...and talked on AIM a couple times too. Today we finally met. She was awesome. So glad I had the opportunity to meet her!

I soooo want to meet some scrapping people now. Really. Meeting people who are passionate as much as you are rocks.

I'm off to Elaine's in a bit....but a bit of disappointment....
I may not be able to transfer til the winter quarter.
I got rejected from my backup school.
Because of how I lumped a bunch of the required classes til the end...
The winter deadline is in July so I'll be done with everything then....
But now I have the whole fall open.
I'm thinking of taking photography, design and dance for fun....
But I want to get out.
And well, I'm kicking myself in the ass for leaving all these classes til the end....
So I'm a bit mad at myself.

But...since we'll be scrapping tonight (she decided she wanted to play a little bit)
we went to Memories after the picnic....
I didn't buy a TON of stuff
but new paper rocks.
And...did I tell you the Paper Salon stuff is just really really reallyyyy great?

Ah yes, pretty paper takes care of everything.

I can't wait for me 2Ps order (I had a GC) to get here because I have some yummy Basic Grey, KI and American Crafts in there!!!!! eeeeeeek!

UCLA's going to the final 4!

And I've been hooked on Nutella these days. I used to think it was really overrated. I never really saw why everyone kept getting hooked on it. I never felt the need to rush out and get it....anyways. I was sent a bottle of it last week from this word-of-mouth site I'm a part of. And so I opened it up when I first got it because I was craving chocolate....And let me tell I am definitely hooked. Yummmmmm.


nadine said…
oh nutella. i dont even know what to eat it with, i just have it plain from the jar.
RACHEL =) said…
Cute pictures -- look at you guys in your t-shirts... I'm so jealous!!! :P

I know what you mean about wanting meet people who share your hobby!! Wish a lot of my buds lived closer to me!!!

Hmmm... I've heard about Nutella - never tried it though. =)
em said…
mmmmmm nutella! heaven in a jar! LOVE your cute banner!
Michelle W. said…
Nutella is good... Yum

lol. Baseball girl. You guys are the reason why the traffics are so bad around baseball season. Darn it.

Anonymous said…
how cute are you in your little dodgers t-shirt!
Jocelyn said…
aww how cute are you?
adorable! sorry about transferring schools, but clearly, baseball is more important.
island girl said…
those pics are too cute...dodger it!
Hope you had fun scrapping! Cute pics :)

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