food. makes. me. happy.

is that such a bad thing? lol

today -
amy brought me a poptart (which i usually crave on wednesdays)
someone went on a jamba run
my friends went out for some pho for i made them deliver some.

ah yes, i am quite happy.
the paper might also be running on schedule for the first time in forever! lol

tomorrow i take off for the weekend for a journalism conference (jacc). in downtown LA. so i get to spend 3 nights in a hotel that is about 20 minutes away from home. ha. fun.

these jaccs are totally fun though. and this will be my last ones....soooooo....i should make the most of it in terms of networking and portfolio is a mess and i would need to buy a new one sooo....meh.

i've been using that a lot. meh.

i had an oceanography test today. that class confuses me. so does anything related to science and math. so i guess that's not surprising huh?

hm. maybe i should do a digi while i'm here....
god, i'm horrible aren't i? ha.


Anonymous said…
when you're as tiny as you food making you happy is just fine!
you work that great metabolism while you still have it.
wish i still did!
Renee said…
caroline you are so cute! have fun at the conference!
nadine said…
i haven't had a poptart in YEARS!
RACHEL =) said…
Oh, I love food too, baby!!! OH YEAH! (A little too much in fact, lol!)

Have fun at the conference, and be safe!! =)
Michelle W. said…
pho... yummm...

must - stop - reading - blog - at - night!

Alison said…
I love hotels.
20 minutes from home or not.
Get room service.
Take baths.
Rock out.
Kat said…
food makes me happy too!!!!!!! j have fun at your confrence : )
Lu said…
NO! it is never a bad thing when food just makes you insanely happy. nothing at ALL!

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