and so i'm off

so it's almost 8 and i'm finally ready to take off
except i needed to print off people's phone numbers
especially one of the girls i'm rooming with because she's the one that had to go check in

so i just finished packing a little bit ago
am i crazy for bringing like 4 pairs of shoes? (sneakers, cute brown shoes, ballet flats, flip-flops and i almost took an extra pair of flips)
i also packed 394820482034 outfits.
mostly because the weather is flaky and i don't know how it's going to hold up.
also packed a bunch of toiletries/cosmetics

and since i was sent some nutella samples....
grabbed a couple of those to put on bagels or whatever they'll have for breakfast.

til sunday....
well maybe not because i'll be bugging someone for their laptop.
ha. ;)


Lana said…
I didn't know you had a big trip! Maybe I better go back and read, I must have missed something! :) ENJOY!!
Michelle W. said…
where are you going??? Are you coming back soon? Do you need a stalker? (just kidding!)
Kat said…
dude, i totally do the same thing when i pack!! and no, 4 shoes isnt' too many...
love that lo! so cute. i loooove pink and green together! fun stuff : )
Jocelyn said…
How cute is that?! And way too cute LO! I didn't know you were going anywhere either! Have fun!! And you totaly need 8523847298 outfits and 4 shoes.

Maybe more shoes.
RACHEL =) said…
Have fun - 4 shoes is definitely not a lot, especially the flips, love those things!! =)
Liz said…
this is too cute!!!!

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