My weekend plans went down the drain when it started raining down here.

So I've been a bit bored. And lonely.

I really do not like rain very much.

We've been having some trippy weather down here in was in the 80s earlier this week....and now it's chilly.

Makes me want to stay in bed all day long. ha.

I would've loved to scrap and crank out a ton of LOs...but I'm not finding my groove.

You know, my camera has hardly been used these last couple of weeks. Ha. It's just been sitting here most of the time....

So...I give you some random Olympic thoughts.

We all know that if I were to compete in the Olympics, I'd be a figure skater...but my next three choices would be bobsled, luge or skeleton.

They look fun. Bobsled looks like something you'd find at an amusement park. Love crazy fun rides. Ang luge and skeleton seem like a water park slide or something?

I know, I know, it's quite different but looks fun.

I spent way too much time on yesterday. But lots of cool stuff on there. Especially if you're an Olympic buff like me.

Oh yeah, spring training starts this week, too. Whoo hoo. Baseball season is on its way!


island girl said…
OMGosh...TJ and I have been addictied to Curling...WTF is that all about?! but every day we sit and watch!! lol!
Jocelyn said…
I wish I that I had nothing to do! That sounds AWESOME. I was watchign a little bobsledding the other day and thinking how I could TOTALLY do that! Of course, I couldn't, but I could TOTALLY TRY to do that!
Anonymous said…
omg, you would do the skeleton?!?!
not in a million years over here!
i don't think we're supposed to go head first that fast down any hill!
Emily Kate said…
I'd take rain over snow!!! ;)

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