it's Friday!

According to the USPS website,

Label/Receipt Number: 0305 1720 0001 7512 3876
Status: Delivered

Your item was delivered at 1:22 pm on February 09, 2006 in RIVERTON, UT 84065.

Yep, my HOF entry made it. So phew. No need to mail Express and spend $20, see?


My procrastinating ass gave my persuasion speech today. Let me just say that arguing about why the morning-after pill should be sold over-the-counter sucked the life out of me...multiple times, because I tried to practice. Seriously, sounding demanding is tiring...but fortunately, I rocked the thing again. Just, when I was done, I felt exhausted. I actually didn't procrastinate so horribly compare to last time (you know, starting 2 hours before it was due)...but I got that "you must have spent a lot of time on this" comment again and I wanted to laugh. Ha.

The Olympics start tomorrow! I love the winter Olympics. Okay, this is because I'm partial to figure skating, but still. Besides the figure skating events, though, I'm looking forward to watching Apolo Anton Ohno in action. Pure eye candy that I fell in love with during the Salt Lake Olympics. I know I found some skiers and other people to be hot, but I don't remember who any of those people too bad. But Apolo...yum.

So disappointed Timothy Goebel won't be there though. So sad. Since he was retiring from the Olympic circuit this time around....I wanted him to make it badly. But...I don't know. He didn't look like he had anything left in him at Nationals! Boo.

So next week is the last week of the semester. WHy does time fly so fast? I don't like it. Ugh.

Next week = 2 finals, a group speech, and the issue of the paper going out. Great.
The the cycle starts all over again the next week. Except, this time I get a 16-week semester. Which is nice and dandy, but by the 10th week, I'm sick of school. So really, the quarter system will be a nice fit for me. I think.

Can it be spring break already? Please?

You know, my two friends want to take a road trip up to the Bay Area to visit my other two friends who go to Berkeley...but since they have spring break probably in mid-March, and mine is in mid-April...probably not going to happen. But maybe I'll fly up during my own break. Yeah, that might be fun.

Magazines and catalogs coming in the last couple of days...and I keep picking up so many ideas from them. Except, none of it is translating into mojo. Pfffft.

No idea what I'm doing this weekend. We'll see, I guess.


Sande Krieger said…
Good luck on HOF!
April said…
what is with the short semesters im reading about?! mine were ALLLLLLLL 16 weeks of hell, every single semester. ugh!

so glad your HOF entry made it. i know you'll rock it.

RACHEL =) said…
I too LOVE the winter olympics!!!!
Anonymous said…
you last minute HOFers stress me out!
Kat said…
yay for you HOF entry! fun stuff
yeah, i'mm confused on why your semesters are different lengths?
have fun watchign the olympics- i know i'm gonna think of you whenever i watch the ice skating : )
Chris-el-da said…
what up with your short semesters?
i still have two months left
good luck with HOF
Felicia said…
Good luck with HOF!
Glad your package made it there on time.

I love ice skating too. The womens more than the mens. Apollo is a cutie. =)
Lara said…
Glad your HOF made it safe and sound. Good luck!!!
I totally winged my way through college...and totally identify with you still getting comments that you worked hard on it. Always made me wonder what kind of work output I would have had if I really did work hard on it?
Ahhhh doesn't it feel good!!! Good luck girl. I LOVE your stuff!

Emily Kate said…
Good luck with HOF! Glad it arrived safely! It's kind of funny that everyone is mailing their stuff off to Riverton which is so close to me! Hehe!And believe me, I've still got plenty of semester left so I'm quite jealous. And P.S. our school doesn't have a Spring Break!
island girl said…
glad to hear hof made it...woo-hoo!!

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