Finally coming up for air....

It hasn't been a piece of cake week, let me tell you that.

It went something like: English final, group speech, newspaper production and then speech final.

But I survived. My stupid 6-week intersession is OVER.

Some people commented wondering about those. Well, most schools have 2 summer sessions. We have only 1 summer session and 1 winter intersession. So it's like summer school in January.

I have to take summer school. Statistics. Great..

Anyways. When things start stressing me out, I tell myself this... get through it all. This was done for Cheryl's Scrapbook Survivor challenge. You could only use one sheet of background paper and then everything else had to go on TOP of the photo. It was a toughie, but fun stuff.

I've been scrapping here and there this week, but it's all for stuff I can't post at the moment. I'm dying to share, dude.

So. I have a 4 day weekend in which I can be as lazy as I freaking want. WHOO HOO. So I'll be scrapping away. I hope.

I might go to a bonfire at the beach on Saturday...we'll see. The problem was like in the 80s last week and earlier this week...and now it's cold. yuuuck.

I was looking at the new KI stuff on their website right now...I still can't figure out if I like it or not. I like their embellishments, but the paper? Hmmm...WIll have to see in person.

On the other hand, I have a 2Ps gift certificate, so I ordered some American Crafts stuff which ROCKS.


Oh, wanna know an interesting tidbit? Evan Lysacek and I share the same birthday - June 4, 1985. I was like WHOA. TOo bad he fell in the short program. They're still showing the long program (currently interrupted by some snowboarcross) right now...all I know is that Johnny Weir ended up fifth. I don't care for Johnny Weir. I definitely do not like Evgeny Plushenko (I nicknamed him Pinnochio at the Salt Lake games...) I hope Brian Joubert moved up to medal, then?


OOOk, skating is back on. Evan is on. Bye!

ETA: Evan was 4th! No medal...but YAY! but Joubert was 6th :(


Chris-el-da said…
dude... who are these people?
olympians i suppose

nice LO
glad i could pop the comment cherry!
i want to see the other stuff cathy!
Corinnexxx said…
I love your take on the challenge!

Michelle W. said…
love that layout! I like the new KI stuff! Then afterall I like everythign. LOL.

thanks for posting in my blog! I think that's weird huh. Why does it only happen with hot coffee? I agree with ya. When I'm desperate then I don't really care either way.

Bonzairn said…
AWESOME layout!!!!
Felicia said…
Your LO is awesome!
I was wondering what that challenge was all about. I kept seeing them all over the gallery.
Huh, now I know.

Yay! for 4 day weekends.
Your so lucky to be able to go to a bonfire on the beach. I wish I lived near a beach.

Have a great weekend.
Emily Kate said…
Cool LO! It's very fun! But, I must that picture of someone walking backwards??
Caroline said…
haha, no.
that's actually me.
i went and walked forward to put footprints in the sand and then walked in them. ha.
Levi said…
I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who thought this week was L-O-N-G
Christy said…
Love your blog girlie! Your header is so bright and fun and so cute just like you! And can I just tell you how much I adore that lo??!! Seriously, you totally rocked the challenge! Way to go!

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