Answers Revealed (and a toot)

Just have to share my excitement...Holli of Leave Memories e-mailed me this weekend to ask if I wanted to be on her design team...of course I said yes. They have the cutest stamps. Soooo excited. Whoo hoo.

Okay, anyways. Here are the correct answers from my last post -
1) My aunt owns a produce store. TRUE. She lives in Arizona now and her stepson manages it, but it's at the Farmers Market in L.A. (where the Grove is on 3rd and Fairfax) and it's called the Fruit Company. I worked there on summer.
2) I've seen a shooting star. FALSE. I stole this off some survey that I did on LJ...I was having trouble coming up with lies. ha. And I've always wanted to see a shooting star!
3) I used to have a pet eel that was older than me.TRUE. hahahah. Yeah. My dad bought an eel before I was born...and he ended up living for about 15 years. Escaped death he fell out of the tank and survived outdoors for two days. Crazy huh?
4) I can do the splits. FALSE. I used to be able to, though. Not recently. Although I want to be able to again!
5) I was Cinderella for Halloween one year. FALSE. Cinderella was my favorite Disney movie, though, so I'd always wanted to be her...I don't know why I never was. I was Belle one year, though. I think that costume was cheaper. hahaha!
6) I LOVE buffets! FALSE. Well, I mean, some buffets are really's just that everytime I go to one, I eat way too much and feel like barfing. And I hate that feeling. Yuck.
7) I was hospitalized for heart failure. TRUE. Junior year in high school (so about 4 years ago? Long story...started off with a stomach virus, somehow ended up in the heard and weakened the muscle...Spend a week in the hospital and about 4 days in the ICU. I am perfectly fine now.
8) My longest relationship was 2 years. FALSE. More like 3 months.....yeaaaaah.
9) I used to subscribe to 20+ magazines. TRUE. I used to be obsessed with freebie websites and used to find a ton of free subscriptions. Anyways, the probablem ended up being that I really didn't need most of them and they started piling up FAST...
10) I got my ears pierced as a child. FALSE. I did it when I was 18...

So the correct answers are - 1,3,7,9

Okay, so...
Michelle guessed - 1,4,5,9 (2 correct)
Angie guessed - 2,3,9.10 (1 correct)
Kat guessed - 1,2 (she got 1!)
Jocelyn guessed - 3,5,6,8 (1 correct)
Felicia guessed - 1,3,6,7 (3 correct)
Chriselda guessed - 4,5,9,10 (i correct)
Rachel guessed - 1,2,5,9 (2 correct)
Nora guessed - 2,3,9,10 as lies ( didn't read my directions correctly. lmao. ANd I guess you don't know me as well as you thought you did :P BWHAHAHAH.)
April guessed - 2,5,7,8,9 (I asked for 4 got 2)

Okay, that was fun!! :D

Olympics thoughts...Sad about Michelle Kwan. I really wanted her to win this time. Even though she was going to have a hard time doing it. But I think she embodies so much grace even in the face of defeat. For that I respect her so much. This I kept thinking when she didn't win in Nagano and SLC. So.

Disappointed in Apolo's performance....but he still has what? 4 or so events? to redeem himself. ha.


Emily Kate said…
You've never seen a shooting star?? Tragic! Oh and congrats again on the toot!
Becca said…
I never saw it for myself, but my cousins say my Great Grandma Stewart had a piece of a shooting star. Landed in her yard, or something. That's totally got to be good luck!!!

Congrats on the DT--how exciting!!

Sophia C. said…
I'm so sad that you've never seen a shooting star! If you go outside in the meteor shower, the week of August 12, any summer, there is a shooting star a minute! We sleep outside a lot that week just to watch them! SO fun!

Have a great day!
nadine said…
you and all your freaking DT!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
congrats girl!!!!!
can't wait to see what you do w/ those stamps.
Michelle W. said…
2 for me! Yay

I felt bad for Michelle Kwan too... It's so sad because this is her last chance to win the gold. :(

April said…
"My longest relationship was 2 years. FALSE. More like 3 months.....yeaaaaah."


April said…
yes...i almost forgot. congrats on your DT!

Felicia said…
Congrats on the DT! You Rock!

I can't believe I got 3 right. Whoo hoo for me!
RACHEL =) said…


Congrats on the DT!!!! YAY :) I've always wanted Michelle Kwan to wing Gold, I like her. :)
genevieve said…
ooohhh...congrats on the stamping gig! :)

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