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Okay, so my computer is lagging. Actually, it's my internet. It's been annoying me. Argh. random things going on -
Being the ditz I am, I fell down a step the other day. My leg is now purple and lumpy. Gross, huh? Smart, huh? I am so freaking clumsy, it's ridiculous.

I am now the MANAGING EDITOR of the Courier and no longer the opinion editor. Which means, I am free from doing a page every week and I get to spend my days bossing people around and yelling at them when their stories are not in. Well, not really but. I was so over the opinion page, especially because a lot of crap came up last semester....yeah. hahah.

Remember that speech of mine? After getting pushed back again, I finally gave it on Wednesday...and I totally aced it. What was funny was my teacher was like "well you spent a lot of time on this, didn't you?" And I wanted to laugh because I was thinking of myself procrastinating and being late for class because I was working on it the day it was originally due...the only reason it seemed that way was because I had an extra week. Even then....I was practicing at home before I had to leave...and at 1:30 (when I had to leave at like 2:15), I decided my speech didn't flow AT ALL so I ripped apart my outline and re-did it. Almost late for class that day too. Ha. You would think I should've practiced it before Wednesday at 1:30 right?

Did you hear that CHA Winter 2007 is going to be in Anaheim for the next 6 years?! Best news EVER. Now I need a DT for NEXT YEAR. haha. But Anaheim is RIGHT THERE, so I'll be able to go! And...y'all need to fly out and come meet me. Because I am so JEALOUS of those of you who got to meet each other in Vegas! Waah! I'm glad you're back though!

SO yesterday I went out and took pictures....We went to eat then we went driving around finding random locations. So, one of the places was this place high up in Pasadena,

where you could see pretty much all of the L.A. area. The only area I recognized is Downtown L.A., so I pointed that out for ya. I know it's very out of focus, but I was freezing my ass off last night and couldn't steady my tiny little camera while I was shivering.

One of the places we drove to...this bridge. We went over it and we went under it, because there's some asylum near it. Ha. This bridge is really pretty but really creepy...they call it Suicide Bridge. Someone obviously tried to jump off it.

So today I decided to answer all those questions y'all asked me -

Without further ado....

Monica asked - What inspires you? Everything. Other scrappers, ads, magazine layouts, nature, funny things people/say do, awesome photos, fashion..........
Do you sketch your LO first or just go with the flow? I hardly ever sketch. I'll sketch when I have some brilliant idea while I'm drifting off to sleep and decide that I NEED to put it on paper or else I'll forget in the morning. But I usually go with the flow. Half the time, I don't even have an idea of how I want a LO to look like and just play and put things down.
How fast does it take you to finish a LO? On average, about an hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but almost every single page I finish is done in about an hour.

Michelle asked - do you go out to crop or scrap by yourself I've never been to a crop. But scrapping by myself rocks, because I have everything I need right there. I should go to a crop, though. They might be fun. lol.
do you work on multiple pages at the same time I think I have before, but I don't remember doing it in recent memory...
I know a lot of Japanese friends of mine can really pack away those beers. Can you drink and how much can you drink. lol Honestly? This question makes me laugh because I am very pathetic when it comes to alcohol. My tolerance is close to zero. Seriously, I'm a lot more fun sober. I've been known to get drunk on Jello shots or a couple of Smirnoffs...I'm usually buzzed with about half. It's ridiculous. When I get drunk, I'll get really giddy and laugh this really hilarious laugh for a while...then I'll get really sleepy. So I'm no fun when I'm drunk because I'm ready to go to sleep. I guess that's why I don't drink so much (then again, I'm still underage shhhhh)

Corinne asked - when did you started with scrapbooking and how do you define your style? I actually did my first scrapbook in 8th grade (1999), because it was a required assignment for a Washington D.C. trip I went on...I didn't get really addicted until just about a year ago.

Nadine asked - you never talk about music - what's your favorite band? That's because my music choices are limited and I go between what I have! haha. I like discovering new bands, but it's hard to download crap on this slow-ass dialup (yes, I really need high-speed). Anyways, this changes on a bi-weekly basis, it seems like. lol. I'm totally digging the Plain White T's. Whoo hoo.
you love getting mail why the reluctance in sharing the mail love with ME? ;) Because. I'm an only child and greedy like that ;). hahaha. I need to get your package out, though. Sorry it's LATE, but I hate the post office!
if you could go on holidays anywhere, where would you go? So many places I want to go. Chicago for Summer CHA. New York City...because I have yet to go. Back to Hawaii for the beaches and...well Hawaii is just Hawaii. Back to Japan because I haven't been there for...3 years? San Francisco/Berkeley/Bay Area because I have yet to visit my two friends up there yet. Turin for the Olympics, even though that starts next week...ha. I just really want to go to Europe, toO!

Chriselda asked - have you gotten those cj's done? - Yeah, but I still need Keri's address?
will there ever be a "Wear me" LO? Sure, if I find a picture to go with it. hahaha.
how many hours do you actually flippin' spend in front of the computer?? A lot. It's ridiculous. Someone drag me off, please.

Breanne asked - who's your biggest actor crush? ;) I know, lame. but still. interesting. Not lame. I'd say Michael Vartan. I've had a thing for him since Never Been Kissed. I love that movie just for his character. He makes me swoon. *le sigh*

I don't have just ONE, but I have several. Elsie is one....Ali Edwards is another...Lots of the garden girls....lots of peas...geez, I have too many. LOL, sorry, lame answer.
WHAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOUR LIFE-LONG DREAM? WHETHER IS BE, MARRY A PRINCE, BE A CEO, HAVE 5 KIDS, WHATEVER?! As a kid, it was to be the next Kristi Yamaguchi. Ha. That ain't happenin'. Nowadays, it's to be a hotshot magazine editor in NYC, marry a hot dude, have kids, be happy and have it all. lol. Or work for the Dodgers. Front office or something. That would be freaking cool, dude. Actually, now that I think of it the Dodgers would be more lifetime, because I'd had that on my mind for a longer time. Ha.

April asked - why are you so good at scrappying? So flattered you think so :) I don't know. I just do what I do. hahah!
why are you so cute? Why are YOU so cute?
why do you not do your laundry until you run out of underwear like me? Because. I am lazy. Did I mention I was lazy? lol!

Amy asked - I'm usually a lurker on your blog, but I thought I'd come out and ask you a question. How are those HOF LO's going? Hi Amy (my former SS!). I'm still stuck on 7 because I decided I hated #7 and went back and ripped it apart and redid it. I need to get cracking this weekend because I really need to mail by Monday because I refuse to pay for any shipping beyond priority.

Kat asked - here's a random one: what kind of car do you drive? if you don't drive, how do you get around? i know i know, really random. but i've been wondering what kind of car eveyone drives recently....... Actually, I'm carless at the moment. Bah. Wanna buy me one? ;) heheh. It's not that convenient to be carless in LA, but I get around.

Kat and Erin both asked - when and why did you start scrapbooking? Like I said earlier, I did a scrapbook for an assignment for a D.C. trip in 8th grade. After that, I scrapped here and there. I did a little album about my end of soph/ beginning of jr. year in high school (i ended up ripping this apart and re-doing this). I did a book for Colorguard which was sort of used to recruit 8th grades when they got to high school, I think. I did a memorial album for my uncle. I did another random book (which I want to rip apart). It was fun, I thought it was cool but I never really got into it. Until my mother bought me a DCWV stack around Christmas last year. SOmehow, I started really getting into it this time. I then discovered 2Ps. Then I discovered an LSS. Then the rest is history. Seriously, when I first started, I was like "I'm never going to go crazy freaking out about how I have to have the newest products NOW," "I'm never going to think about publishing," "I'll never ever enter a major contest like HOF." Now look where I'm at? ha.


Chris-el-da said…
yes!! i'm first!
always wanted to be first!
soooo this is cute cathy!
love it all to bits
and the first one of these things i actually read beginning to end
love it!
and you!

and no car? no highspeed? no mail love?

what kind of person ARE you??
monica said…
Thanks for acknowledging my questions. I can't believe you finish a LO in a hour. One freakin LO takes me weeks to complete. HA!
Anonymous said…
love it girl!
i'm totally giggling at your answers,
love it love it love it!
nadine said…
i could make like so many comments. first, knowing that you live in like freaking L.A. how is it possible that you don't have high speed? are you like the only person in the entire L.A. area that is still on dial up?

second, what is this "wear me" thing chriselda speaks of? i imagine it is a humorous story and one that i'd like to hear.

third, by asking the travel question, i really just wanted an answer to boost my own self esteem, and sadly you failed. "i'd love to visit canada to see nadine and experience a real winter" would have sufficed.

fourth, i'm pretty sure that no one would ask me this many questions if i tried something similar and that saddens me. why can't i be as cool as you?
Kat said…
so fun! love the questions/answers. good luck w/HOF= and ohmygoodness i'm so stoked that CHA is in anaheim next year- i'm so there dude!!!!
Michelle W. said…
love your answers! lol. I'm with you about the how pathetic of a drinker I am. My husband is German/Irish and he is so ashame of me at family functions. lol. I drink a glass of cosmo and I'm about red as possible and laughing non-stop. It's so sad.

Jocelyn said…
dude. i forgot to ask you a question.

hmmmm. i think i was thinking too hard about coming up with a good one that i forgot in the end. k- who's the hottest celebrity in your opinion? this is too late, but i believe you should answer it anyway in your next post or something.

congrats on managing editor! that sounds fancy.
Emily Kate said…
Plain White T's. Love em! Thanks for introducing me to them!

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