And so it starts again.., that is.

My schedule is a bit weird -

Newspaper class - WF 9-10:35
Oceanography - MW 1-2:35
Humanities - T 1-4:20
Critical Thinking - Th 2:35-5:55

But it sure beats the winter schedule.

So I walk into my Humanities class, and one of the guys that I did my group speech is in it. Cool.

That class is online-assisted or something, meaning testing and all the notes are online. We get to watch movies and discuss them in class. Double coolness.

It also focuses on gender studies. Triple coolness.

Now that I think of it, this is what my women's history prof taught men&masculinity under, but he doesn't teach it anymore.

So, I didn't have class in the morning, and although I sort of wanted to shuffle my schedule around, didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to add a class, I went to Borders but got bored (first time that's ever happened!) so I got up and went to Target. I heard that a bunch of their scrapbooking stuff was on clearance, including the Heidi Swapp stuff...and that they had the Simply Fab foam stamps from Making I went to check it out, only to discover that the scrapbooking stuff was not yet on clearance and that the stamps weren't in yet.

Soooo....I go downstairs (the Target I like to go to is two stories) and wander into the shoe department. And I find these -

Yeah, so I have to have them. Too cute. Plus, they're not flip-flops. Right? But I'm quite broke. And I have to buy books/Xerox them again. But they're too adorable to pass up. So I got them.

Oh, well they're only $12.99.

They also had a baby blue pair which was also adorable, but the brown would be easier to match.

I swear, I wanted to buy out their whole shoe department, though. And the accessories department. Haha. Seriously. Lots of cute stuff.

So in my Olympic blab of the day....
I actually watched ice dancing. Figure skating buff here, and I almost never watch ice dancing. Probably because the Americans have historically sucked at it. So, YAY for Belbin&Agosto.

Although that Italian couple...did you see that glare?! OMG...and they didn't talk to each other until they were done skating last night. Ha.

Ladies short today. Whoo hoo.

Oh, and I have to go to the damn post office again. Arghhhhhh. At least ST loves me though, right?

Cool beans -

Holli from Leave Memoriesfound this cool site, where it will go through the words in your blog to create this cool word cloud. She tried it on the DT blogs and I tried it here too. You could even make a T-shirt with them! Cool stuff. Fun stuff. Oh, you can do that here.


nadine said…
thats so weird that you have just started the new term now. ive been back like a month and a half! we only have two terms though.
Anonymous said…
yeah, those shoes are the bomb!
love them...
seeing your schedule seriously makes me happy i'm out of school.
yeah, i'm an old lady at 31 compared to you but i don't ever have to take another class again!
gotta be some perks to getting older, right!
monica said…
I just went to Target and I didn't see those shoes, but know what you mean about having to get them. They are to dang cute. Good luck with school!!
glo-girl said…
Your Target has TWO floors?! I am *so* jealous!
Chris-el-da said…
dude! thanks for linking that site. i'm getting my shirt! wooot!
oh and cute shoesies!

all of our stuff at target is on sale in the scrappy aisle. but there are no new stamps. i ordered them but won't get them and my BG stash until march!

what a mofo!!
Felicia said…
I'm a sucker for a cute pair of shoes. And those I just have to have. =)
Good luck with school.
RACHEL =) said…

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