random sunday thoughts

PODs will resume tomorrow. I actually missed a day or two. Something like that.

It's freezing here. Of course, freezing to my So-Cal ass means anything below 60. But seriously. I went down the street to pick up some Thai food and I was freezing.

The last of my friends (well the ones who don't go to PCC with me anyways) have gone back to school. I am lonely. Haha. Well. Sort of.

My parents went to Arizona today for a night. It was quite boring. I was planning to go out but it didn't happen. I also had all these grand plans of scrapping away since I haven't done it in a week or so, but that didn't happen either.

At this rate, I'm not going to finish an HOF entry. Must hurry.

But you know, you don't want your mojo to be compromised just so you can finish something.

I went scrap shopping the other day and didn't buy a single sheet of patterned paper. And my total was around $8.

I can't wait to see what is released at CHA. I wish I was going (I could have but I have school, and it's an accelerated, 6-week semester)

Skating nationals this week. I feel bad for Tim Goebel. He's always been my favorite. I dunno what is wrong with him. He is retiring. So sad. Yay for Evan Lysacek though. And yay for Tanith Belbin becoming a citizen so her and Agosto can go to Torino. Women's competition was eh. I think we all knew Sasha was going to win (especially against all these 16 year olds) and Michelle was going to get that last spot. Season's been weird without Michelle, that's for sure.

I think I should just bundle up under a blanket and go read or something. Or scrap. Or something like that.


monica said…
I've been missing your LO'S on 2peas, hope you get your mojo back!!!
Emily Kate said…
I'm totally wishing I could go to CHA too! THat would have been a dream come true! :) And I can't believe you're not in school yet!
Anonymous said…
i know what you mean about HOF,
it was sooooooo time consuming for me,
i felt like i hadn't posted on 2peas forever...
Kat said…
dude, yeah, it HAS been cold. i agree. at least down here in SD it has, so if its cold here, has to be cold where you are.........
yeah, i need to bust out some los, too!
nadine said…
i also miss your scrapping mojo!

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